Hua Hin Floating Markets

Hua Hin Floating Market offers a delightful alternative to the Night Market or Chat Chai Morning Market. It features a large man-made lake, surrounded by picturesque countryside. Shops are fashioned in the style of 1920s Hua Hin, offering a broad range of merchandise ranging from artsy handmade crafts to yummy snacks. Located on Soi 112, about 6km south of town centre, Hua Hin Floating Market is one of the two floating markets found on the same street. The other market, Sam Pan Nam Floating Market, is about 1km deeper in. Comparing the two markets, Hua Hin Floating Market has a distinct retro theme, while Sam Pan Nam offers a wider range of activities and goods. Both have daily cultural shows, boat tours and boat vendors selling all kinds of mouth-watering treats.
A pleasant day is in store for you and your family at Hua Hin Floating Market, particularly if you enjoy a theme shopping experience. The atmosphere evokes an air of the 1920s, with period-style architecture and decorative details that reflect the Hua Hin of yesteryear. The market has a circular layout, and a wooden-board walkway meanders through the market, crossing over the bridges and reaching all the shops in one complete circle.
Stroll around at your own pace and let the floating market scene slowly unfold as you go along. An impressive range of products and crafts come in an array of shapes, colours and textures. Stop and rest while taking in the cool breeze or enjoy a bowl of sweets from the vending boats parked nearby. There’s also a dedicated food section with tables and chairs located closer to the entrance. For an experience that’s closer to a traditional floating market, step aboard a boat and watch the scene from a different perspective.
Hua Hin Floating Market makes a nice day excursion, although it’s a modern recreation of traditional floating markets. More than just shopping, it is an attraction and activities destination that will keep you and your children entertained for hours.

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