Well known Angler’s reccommend Jurassic

Since it’s development Jurassic has played host and won praise from numerous famous Anglers from Europe and further afield, many have enjoyed incredible angling experiences with us, as well as becoming ambassadors for our resort as a holiday destination, having created wonderful angling memories here. Below are some testimonials from some famous anglers who are either frequent visitors to the resort either for their own enjoyment or with guests on hosted trips or quite often both!

Alan Blair
Alan Blair ventures to Thailand, fishing for a host of pre-historic looking freshwater species

Martin Bowler

Martin Bowler
Angling Times Author and star of "A Passion for Angling" and "Catching the Impossible"

Martin Bowler had this to say after fishing in Thailand at Jurassic Mountain. "If you want dreams to come true get yourself to Jurassic! I'm pleased to say Jurassic has again taken centre stage in one of the UK’s favourite fishing editorials, The Angling Times after our last hosted trip there which saw some truly phenomenal fishing action for it's participants. their experiences on Jurassic, make for a great reading and also a great testimonial for our little slice of paradise in Thailand.

Jeremy Wade
Presenter of "Jungle Hooks" and "River Monsters"

Jeremy Wade of River Monsters fame said - "Eddy's knowledge of fishing in Thailand proved to be a huge advantage when we filmed at a couple of big lakes near the Burmese border. It's no exaggeration to say he went way beyond the call of duty, in the face of very challenging conditions, and I wish him every success with Jurassic."

Claudia Darga
Europes best known female angler.

"Caught this amazing fish last whilst hosting another trip to Jurassic Mountain, Thailand 😍 The combination of vacation, beach, spa-treatments, partying and fishing is my personal highlight of the year 🌴🐟 In 5 month I will be back together with some followers 😏 In case you have some spare time and looking for an exotic fishing adventure, just drop me a message."

fishing in thailand
fishing in thailand