WFFT Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Wildlife Friends of Thailand is a non-government owned Wildlife Rescue Centre and Elephant Refuge situated in Thayang, Petchaburi just 30 minutes away from the Resort. It gives visitors a chance to learn about the rescued creatures living at the centre, see hundreds of animals and get up close and personal to elephants in a way which is cruelty-free and does not exploit them.
The centre offers half day and full day experiences where the money generated is invested back in to developing the centre further with the help of additional funding and resources. It aims to educate those that visit about the elephants provides an individual story about each animal, how it came to be there and when / stroke if can be re-released.
Full day trip Schedule;


Your guide will give you an informed guided tour around all areas of the Wildlife Rescue Centre.
You’ll see some of the 600+ rescued animals at the Wildlife Rescue Centre, hear their stories and learn why they are living at the centre.


lunch and refreshments will be provided for you. You can enjoy our traditional Thai buffet looking over our large multi species enclosure with elephants, gibbons and others. We will serve both vegan, vegetarian and meat options at lunch.


After lunch, you will get to meet and feed one of our elephants.
See how our volunteers at the Elephant Refuge and Education Centre go about their daily tasks.
Learn about our elephant’s individual stories and about their personalities.
Learn about the conservation issues that elephants face, and how they are exploited by tourist attractions, forced to carry lots of people and perform tricks – you will see none of this at our elephant refuge, where we value the elephant’s natural behaviour!
Drive around our whole site, watching the animals and get to see the bears and monkeys enjoy their meals.
Tours end at approximately 15:30
For more information about visiting WFFT speak to reception and they will be more than happy to advise and help to organize a day trip for you.

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