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Welcome to our newsletter where you’ll find what’s been happening at Jurassic in April! Fishing in Thailand

Welcome to Jurassic Mountain Resort. Fishing in Thailand.

Fishing in Thailand

Our team of gillies are always on hand when a fish is hooked – to guide/assist the angler and to ensure the safety of our fish. They are also willing to help with photos which feature on our various social media platforms and of course in this newsletter. This photo is one of the best; it was taken just as the gillie lowered the cage allowing the fish to swim away and allows you to see the width of the arapaima – what a magnificent specimen. The arapaima was allowed plenty of time to rest before being released to ensure that it had fully recovered after a hard fight before being released – here at Jurassic fish health is of paramount importance.
With the mountain in the background and the accommodation visible on the right and right next to the lake perhaps you can appreciate why Jurassic is one of the premier fishing locations in the world.

April Weather – hot, hot, hot!

It’s been a hot month – temperatures have continued to rise to the high 30s with a steady south/south easterly wind between 10 and 15km per hour arriving in the early afternoon. Clouds start to build during the late afternoon with potential thunderstorms during the night – this does however produce some absolutely stunning sunsets as the day draws to a close. Don’t forget that all of our swims have salas that provide shade and they also have cooling fans to provide some relief from the heat whilst fishing. All our accommodation is air conditioned and we also have a pool/jacuzzi that you can cool down in.

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A great time to visit . . .

Traditionally European anglers prefer to visit during the winter months – the weather is ideal for fishing and this makes it extremely popular so it’s important to book early to ensure you get the dates you want. April onwards is referred to as the low season in Thailand as it tends to be quieter throughout the country not just on the lake. This does however mean that this is a prime time to be fishing as the number of customers does drop. The rain is just starting and the fish are hard on the feed and Red Letter Days are at a premium. If you like the heat and cooling showers April onwards it’s definitely worth freeing up your diary for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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A look back at who’s visited in April

April has seen lots of visitors, including a large number of dads and their sons – always nice to see the younger generation enjoying fishing in Thailand!

Catfish enthusiast from the UK, Graham, visited us this month with his wife Lisa. This was their second trip to Jurassic and some great fishing by Graham saw a number of catfish caught including this Chao Phraya .

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Jon experienced what can only be described as an epic day’s angling during his first visit to Jurassic, landing a very impressive total of 4 arapaima by targeting them in the open water in the middle of the lake. He used a concoction of mackerel and chicken hearts at range utilising back leads to maintain a low profile in terms of line lay. Watch this short video to see the pick of the bunch.

Jon Bonwick tackles the arapaima

Jon Bonwick experienced an epic days angling at Jurassic as he landed no less than 4 arapaima from Sam's Sala. During the past fortnight there have been arapaima showing in open water showing between Jamboree, Mountain View, Sam's Sala and the Bruce and this is where Jon chose to target them with a concoction of mackeral and chicken hearts at range utilizing back-leads to maintain a low profile in terms of line line lay.This was the pick of the bunch…www.jurassicfishingthailand.com enquiries@jurassicfishingthailand.com

Posted by Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park on Monday, 1 April 2019

Matt had been busy targeting the alligator gar and arapaima that had been regularly surfacing in the open water of the lake. With a lump of chicken carcass presented on the hook that last thing he expected to land when the rod ripped off was a tambaqui! It was a species that was on his wish list but one that he was planning to target later in his trip. The fishing got even better when a mackerel presented on the deck, again in open water, resulted in a savage take that rattled the rod in the rest. A Chao Phraya catfish of approximately 100lb was the culprit – an extremely powerful predatory species that gives an extremely fast take and a fight to test any angler. Matt also landed what is probably the largest carp in the lake, Scarface, to notch up a trio of impressive catches in quick succession.

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Like a lot of anglers Tony was a bit apprehensive when he first came face to face with the prehistoric species the alligator gar. Chicken carcass produced the tepid take and the cage was deployed as Tony guided the fish into the bank. With assistance from the gillies the fish was calmed and photos could be taken. Nice hat Tony!

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Fourteen year old Nils set up his predator rig on the bottom whilst, keeping his options open, the other rod was set up to accommodate the boilies. The triple boilie produced a screaming take and a rather strange fight ensued. Nils knew this was something different and he was right; he was soon posing with his first ever tambaqui. This was just one of a number of species falling to the youngster who demonstrated a very impressive angling knowledge.

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Michael was aware that he had lifted into a substantial fish but was unsure which species it was as it stayed down in the depths slowly pulling line from the spool. A well positioned net and all was revealed – it was one of the larger Rita Salween catfish and tipped the scales at 75.5lb.
Watch the video to see more:

At the top of Gary’s wish list was a large Siamese carp and despite a number of catches his last day dawned without the big one! A snowman rig consisting of a trimmed down Jurassic Classic boilie twinned with a pop up produced a perfectly neutrally balanced bait that was hoovered up with only a few hours to go… What an end to his trip – with mission accomplished he could go home a happy angler.

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Darren and his son Dan joined us for their second visit and worked hard for bites. Glugged hookbaits and small bags of soaked boilie chops produced these 2 good sized Siamese carp for father and son.


Paul can still remember his last trip as it ended on a moment that has haunted him ever since and meant that he had unfinished business with a certain species in the lake. He hooked an arapaima and was playing it as his taxi to the airport was literally waiting for him in the car park only to suffer a hook pull merely feet from the lake! He was hoping for better luck on this trip and he got it – with his son Sam alongside him this was truly a fantastic memory.


Not to be outdone by his dad young Sam also caught this stunning pacu, although he needed a little help holding his prize up for the camera hence the third hand!!


Gerald and his son started in a swim that is normally associated with predators. A rod was positioned at 10 yards with four small drilled feed pellets (drills available from reception) followed by a good scattering. After a few liners the rod tip wrapped around producing this 76lb Siamese carp to kick start the session. We think it’s definitely a great photo for the family album

Fishing Park in Thailand

Dylan came to us for a day trip with his dad Jeff in search of a giant Siamese carp. He worked hard and persisted even during the heat of the day and it paid off as in the early afternoon Dylan lifted into a substantial fish. Thirty minutes later he had landed one of the larger Siamese carp in the lake and was, unsurprisingly, very keen to jump into the lake for photos and to cool down. Well done Dylan.

Fishing Park near Bangkok

Matthew and his girlfriend Stephanie proudly display their Chao Phraya; it was caught on double Jurassic Classic on the hair with a PVA bag of crushed pellet.

Fishing Park Hua Hin

Below are pictures of our other guests with their captures…

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South Korea’s Legendary Big Fish

Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park Hua Hin was recently used as a location for filming Legendary Big Fish, a programme aired on South Korea’s SBS national TV channel. The show has two celebrity hosts: superstar singer and actor Jin-Woo Kim who is the lead singer in Winner boy band and Sang-ryeol Ji a famous comedian, actor and TV host in South Korea.


SBS chose Jurassic as the venue to achieve their biggest goal – to catch an arapaima. In a single day of fishing and filming they hit the jackpot with Jinwoo and Sang-ryeol meeting their goal. Alongside the arapaima they caught plenty of other fish as well, including Siamese carp and Amazon redtail catfish. With a 5 hour flight from Seoul followed by a two hour drive from Bangkok Airport we’re ideally located for long weekend trips for South Korean anglers.

Want to share a swim?
Swims are chosen each night in the draw that takes place each night in the clubhouse around 7.30pm. Most swims are for 1 angler (2 rods) however there are several that can accommodate two anglers or up to 4 rods. These swims are ideal for families or friends of mixed angling ability who want to learn more before tackling a swim on their own or like the company that a shared swim gives. Please note that we can not guarantee/book swims for you as it is all dependent upon the draw which we believe makes it fair to all anglers on the lake.


These friends recently shared a swim and working hard as a team certainly got some good results.

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