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Probably the best place to be on Christmas day… The table is set, the food is almost ready and the guests are showering and getting ready for a Christmas dinner that would rival anything you would get in a UK restaurant.

House wine and bubbly, turkey, pork, chicken, stuffing, a vast assortment of vegetables, followed by Christmas pudding and mince pies. A Christmas tree, hats, party poppers and of course our amazing staff who really add a super friendly touch making it an intimate and memorable experience for all our guests.

Want to join us next year for a Christmas to remember? Get in touch – enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com or visit our website

A Festive Haul

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 4
Carol & Steve Atkinson from Suffolk visited us for the run up to Christmas – it was their first visit to Jurassic although they went fishing with Eddy many years ago before the resort started. A very large number of fish were caught, not to mention photographed (see pic above, sent to us by Steve) and the couple noted all the fish and their weights over the 9 days fishing. An amazing haul and they are all listed below:

Sunday 15th December (Swim 3)
7 x Siamese carp, ranging from 35 – 180lb
3 x Amazon redtails, 55-60lb
Monday 16th December (Swim 16)

Siamese carp 45lb
3 x redtails, 20-55lb
Arapaima 75lb
Wednesday 18th December (Swim 7)
6 x redtails, 25-65lb
Thursday 19th December (Swim 12)
5 x Siamese carp, 40-65lb
Pacu 25lb
4 x redtails, 30-50lb
Friday 20th December (Swim 3)
2 x Siamese carp, 70-170lb

Redtail – 40lb
Saturday 21st December. (Swim 9)
10 x redtails, 30-55lb
Sunday 22nd December (Swim 6)
5 x Siamese carp, 40-65lb
3 x redtails, 45-48lb
4 x pacu, 10-30lb
Rita Salween catfish, 58lb
Arapaima 230lb

Monday 23rd December (Swim 1)
4 redtail 45-55lb
Pacu 10lb
Tuesday 24th December (Swim14)
Chao Phraya catfish 50LB
3 x redtails, 20-40lb

4 x Siamese carp, 25-45lb
Pacu 20lb

That’s a total of over 3500lb. Not bad for 9 days fishing and definitely a Christmas to remember.

December on the Lake

Although Christmas at Jurassic this year was full of fun and festivities it was also full of fish, as was the whole of December.  We have welcomed new guests (and those new to the sport of fishing) as well as the familiar faces of returning guests.  Below is a selection of those who have ventured to the Land of Smiles this month and some of their catches.  As always we can’t feature everyone who has visited so apologies to those who aren’t.

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 5

Mr Chong was not an angler and then he worked with Malcolm. He was shown pictures of Malcolm’s catches at Jurassic and although initially thinking they were fake Mr Chong was soon persuaded to come and see for himself the size and variety of the fish in the lake.

Working as a team the pair caught over 40 fish between them and for Mr Chong this pristine alligator gar was his favourite. Great fishing and hopefully we’ll see the work colleagues again in the future.

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 10

Dave’s first double take resulted in a Siamese carp on Jurassic Classic and this Asian redtail on double chicken hearts.  As the sun set his tally reached 16 – a great day’s fishing.

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 11

Andy has had an action packed fishing holiday and this day was no different. Catching thirteen fish including Siamese carp, Amazon redtail and tambaqui Andy finished with this specimen pacu. A day to remember and with the added bonus of a good tan not to mention then ice cold draft Change being delivered to celebrate his captures.

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 12
Chris had only initially booked in for two days fishing but enjoyed himself so much that his amazing (some might say perfect) wife, Nicky, suggested seeing if they could stay for another day. Luckily there was a space on the lake and another days fishing got underway. During his trip Chris landed a number of species and one of the highlights was this jet black Siamese carp.

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 13

Despite catching a few redtails in the morning Steve decided to liven his fishing up and switched to the pellet waggler. A good decision as from 2 – 6pm he landed 10 fish of 4 different species including this 58lb Rita Salween catfish. All fish fell to a single Jurassic Classic boilie ‘on the drop’.

Tony didn’t realise what he had hooked at first and was shocked when he saw the specimen surface. After a crazy fight, during which the fish jump several times, Tony steered it safely into the net. The giant snakehead are an elusive fish and are not usually regularly caught here at Jurassic, recently however a number have been tempted by chicken hearts cast tight along the margins. Watch Tony with his catch here.

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 19

It wasn’t long before Gavin’s predator rod in the margin produced his first fish in the shape of an Amazon redtail. With the fish safely released he targeted open water on the other rod. A screaming take saw him hook into this Chao Phraya catfish which although a ferocious predator fell to Jurassic Classic boilies.

Tom’s Fishing Tip

Dish of the month

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 23
Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 24

Imagine sitting on our veranda watching the sun slowly set on the horizon.  The big decision now is what dish to choose from our extensive menu – Thai, European or one from our new range of Indian meals.  If you like your food hot and spicy then look no further – you have to try our chicken Vindaloo with a portion of rice and why not wash it down with a nice ice cold draught Chang?     Hmmm delicious.

Jurassic in all its splendour

The Big One!

Fishing in Thailand - December 2019 31

This year there’s not just one Big One but two! Visit Stoneleigh at the end of February or Farnborough in March and catch up with Martin Bowler and his wife Jo to discuss a fishing trip to us! With a 10% discount to all booking and paying a deposit at the show we hope to see you soon. Tickets are available to book in advance – book now!

Until next month – tight lines!

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