Fishing in Thailand – February 2021

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Arapaima action at Jurassic


Another month has gone by and it has been hectic, to say the least hence you are probably reading this later than planned as improvements continue to be made and anglers reap the rewards on the lake. In February we installed a full sprinkler system, the vegetation surrounding the swims have been cut, CCTV has been installed to capture every moment of the action and all the salas have been renovated ready for the rainy season. We are determined to make Jurassic the greatest angling holiday experience in Thailand and the best is yet to come, so be sure to keep an eye out over the coming months to gain an insight into what to expect upon your arrival.

Travel update and rescheduled bookings

Thailand has recently announced that they are aiming to fully open the borders to tourism by October 2021 and this is what they propose From the 1st of April 2021 the quarantine period of 14 days will be reduced to 10 days for unvaccinated tourists and reduced to 7 days for tourists who have vaccination certificates. It is reported that from April 1st, the fit to fly certificates are also no longer required. Between April 1st and September 30, quarantine facilities will remain operative under the new guidelines. By October, officials are aiming to open the borders to tourists without the requirement of quarantine ahead of the high season, but this will be subject to cases reported during the transition. (Source: Bangkok Post). We would strongly advise that customers who have already booked a trip to Jurassic but have unfortunately had to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your trip. Rescheduling existing bookings is our main priority but we require you to provide dates in order to do so. Therefore get in contact as soon as possible as dates are filling up fast for 2022.

A personal best just before dusk

Dennis was also up and about bright and breezy getting ready for the day ahead as he sat down on the veranda with a coffee and pondered his approach. The Bay was his swim of choice based on the long lengths of margins either side providing prime habitat for the predators. It was action from the off as the Amazon redtails moved in on the spots and the slow steady takes kept on coming. As midday approached, Dennis already had several fish on the board, but the next take was certainly one to remember. The alarm descended into meltdown. A spool spinning absolute screamer and he was quick to lift into it, but there were no signs of it slowing down. The fish was soon out in open water and Dennis held on as there was little, he could do. The rod tip bounced violently with each head shake which left the fishery team in no doubt as to what it was. By carefully observing the line angle, the gillies were able to instruct him when to bow the rod when the arapaima surfaced to take a breath. This is by far the most important point to take on board when playing this species. Despite being a dangerous species when handled, they are also very delicate. If the arapaima is rising up in the water, then the pressure being applied should be going down and the fishery team are always on hand for every arapaima encounter. Following a few breaths and clear instruction, Dennis was soon in the swing of things, but this was one angry arapaima, and the enduring encounter was taking its toll on him. The thought of a trophy photo can bring a smile to your face but after half an hour it can feel like a world away given the effort required at times. Sweat was dripping and the clutch was ticking but Dennis dug deep, and words of encouragement were welcome. Just after the 40-minute mark, the cage was raised, and Dennis dropped to his knees. Relief and joy all rolled into one at the end of a truly epic arapaima encounter being his largest to date.

Great to be back

It was a welcome surprise to see Chris walk through the gates at the end of the month after enduring two weeks of quarantine in Bangkok. He is an avid angling enthusiast who has fished all over Thailand and totaled more than 80 days at Jurassic. He loves nothing more than setting the traps and soaking up the sun sat by the rods in search of something special. His first arapaima was landed in Mountain View shortly after 7am where he worked the margins and made the most of the shaded areas to locate the predatory species. He has full confidence in the Tuna Extract Glug for all his fishing and takes the time to mash mackerel into fine pieces along with chopped chicken carcass, before soaking in said glug. A stench that is simply too hard to resist for arapaima patrolling the marginal vegetation.

Peter remains patient

A group booking had been organized weeks in advance with the draw to take place just shy of 7am with Peter being one of 11 anglers. Everyone gathered around the veranda with a coffee raring to go but there was still no sign of him. With just seconds to spare he appeared looking quite sorry for himself and drew a ball from the bag. Nearly an hour later and he was still sat on the veranda by the lake in an attempt to blow out the cobwebs from the night before. The second cappuccino finally masked the aftertaste of Leo from late and he set about organizing his tackle and selecting his bait from the tackle shop. He felt as though he may have missed the bus in terms of the early morning arapaima action but a quiet day of dosing in and out of sleep didn’t sound too bad either. A few hours went by without as much as a bleep and it was time to have a quiet word with himself and rise from the ashes before heading for dinner. A fresh bag of mackerel was delivered to the swim and he positioned two baits with precision, just clipping the water hyacinth bed upon entry. No sooner had he sat down, the bobbin shot up and smashed into the blank as the water erupted and the alarm screamed. One short strike set the hook and he had a chance to make amends for the morning he had missed. The midday sun was at its peak and the sweat was pouring off him, so he was more than happy to jump in for the photo and cool down before lunch.

A super session for Shane

Shane checked in for a 3-day retreat with his family and what an unforgettable experience it turned out to be. Their first day was spent in Mountain View landing 11 Siamese carp using single Jurassic Classic on the hair and loose feeding plenty of pellet spread across the two rods. It was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality time together with his wife and kids allowing them all to kick back and relax by the pool during the heat of the day. Day two was spent in Sam’s Sala where they targeted the predators and the Amazon redtails were relentless on the float out in open water leading to a total of 22 fish. The arapaima was Shane’s goal and with time on his side, he decided to squeeze in an extra half day before checking out much / not to the amusement of his wife. The final few hours saw him set up in Blind Man’s Bluff in stealth mode where one bite was all it took. Before he could slow it down, the fish had already gained momentum and was deep under the water hyacinth bed. The movement was limited and it was clear that the arapaima was well and truly buried. The fishery team swam out and manipulated the line angles before finally managing to persuade the fish to head out into open water, but he was not out of the woods yet. A large clump of vegetation was still intertwined on the line making it difficult to gauge the fight.  One of the team swam out once more to free it and normality was restored but the fight was far from over. Another 20 minutes went by before they were able to slip the cage around it. Shane was still in awe that he had come out on top of such an intense encounter and all the family come to see his capture.

More action from February

It turned out to be a mixed bag for Chris during another day trip at Jurassic landing Amazon redtails, Siamese carp and arapaima. The first hour was spent sat in silence on the edge of his seat watching the arapaima patrolling the margins just feet from his bait. One of them eventually slipped up and the water erupted with a the distinctive red flash of the tail. The arapaima was released safely, and it was time to target the other species. 12mm drilled pellets, balanced with a pop-up, and dunked in Tuna extract glug provided the perfect columnar presentation. The action unfolded with multiple Siamese carp and Amazon redtail before the pick of the bunch graced the net… a Niger ripsaw catfish.

The Asian redtails self-populate and in the early days it was a constant battle between them digging holes for habitat and us continually repairing them. As time has passed and more permanent solutions have been implemented, they have become less of a menace. They are often caught randomly by anglers on a variety of methods including the pellet waggler just below the surface but also on the bottom out in open water. James landed this fish on a single Jurassic Classic bottom bait at close range on the marginal slope. To target them, try and locate areas of concrete along the margins especially in swims 3, 12 and 6 and present small pieces of chicken on the bottom. Vigilance is important as they often take baits back into their burrows and require enticing back out.

David Wilson loves his waggler fishing and the deeper the margins the better, meaning that he can fish on the float at a closer distance and retain the chance of a giant Siamese carp moving into the swim. Lover’s Retreat is home to the paddle wheels which run from 6pm until 6am daily and their rotary action has calved a deep hard clean spot along the front of them. This is a feature that is often overlooked as people presume that there are snags and instead do their best to avoid them, however they are secured by boons and only protrude a few inches below the surface just like the water hyacinths.  Despite a slow start, David persisted, and his efforts were well rewarded when he landed a tambaqui being one of the latest fish to be stocked recently.

Dave was also working a float during the same day from The Bay on the opposite bank. Sat on his home-made tackle box beside the lake soaking up the sun is his idea of heaven, being a match angler at heart. A steady trickle of 2 and 3 pellets to the same area is the way to entice fish up in the water and generate plenty of interest from the constant sound. His steady rhythm of 4 catapults, cast and repeat slowly built up the swim and the bite was well worth the effort in the fine form a Siamese carp on the drop before breakfast.

Dennis too showed that persistence pays off as he settled into The Big Fan having never fished the swim before. He spotted a few arapaima, so he positioned a predator rod temporarily along the margins whilst he tackled up his carp rod. Within minutes a redtail picked up the bait and dived for cover beneath the water hyacinths. Beads and swivels and expletives went up in the air as he reached for the rod but the angry redtail was already on its way to Lover’s Retreat. Plenty of side strain eventually turned the fish out into open water and into back to the net. With no rods in the water, he finally got the carp rod set up and located a harder area. The predator rod produced a steady series of Amazon redtails to keep him occupied but nothing more than a liner from the carp. It was fast approaching 5pm aka Chang ‘o’ clock and Dennis was doubtful, still finding swivels in the grass as he packed up. This time a couple of single bleeps suddenly descended into a screaming take which took him by surprise. The first surging run confirmed it was a good fish as the rod arched over and stayed there. A smile spread across his face when he got the first glimpse of it… a beautifully conditioned Siamese carp!

Explore the local culture

Wat Huay Mongkol

The Wat Huay Mongkol temple complex is located 15 kilometres west of Hua Hin and is famous for its enormous statue named Luang Phor Thuad, one of Thailand famous monks. The statue stands 12m tall and 10m wide and is visible from miles around towering over the trees.
The site is popular with Thai people who travel from around the country to pay their respects in return for good luck, health, fortune and happiness. Other religious landmarks of the site include a Buddhist temple, a statue of King Taksin the Great on horseback and two large wood-carved elephants.
The complex is set in a park environment and offers peace and tranquillity surrounded by Thai culture. There is a lake interconnected by bridges where you can feed the local species of fish or sit and relax by the waterfalls in the shade. There are also various food stands and shops with site-related merchandise.If you are interested in visiting different landmarks in and around the area, we are more than happy to advise and accommodate your needs to arrange trips suitable for families and all ages.

Gardens and Irrigation

Fishing in Thailand - February 2021 14

For years, we discussed the benefits of irrigating tropical gardens, and finally, this has come to fruition. There were trials and tribulations right back at the beginning shortly after digging Jurassic when it was a struggle to establish the vegetation, and sadly several trees suffered and were subsequently removed. Fast forward nearly 9 years and how the tables have turned as the gardeners have a full-time job keeping up with the place. Their efforts have literally shaped what you see when you step foot through the gates, so it was time to give them a helping hand and install an automatic underground Rainbird pop-up sprinkler system to relinquish the laborious watering. I must admit there were a few teething problems when we underestimated their power during testing. One unfortunate angler had left some clothes out to dry overnight with not a cloud in the sky, so the last thing he expected was waking up to the patter of rain down the window at 3 am! A few more hours spent adjusting them, and we were good to go. They cover all garden areas and only operate at night, meaning that the paths are dry by first light, ready for when you awaken.

Improved views from the swims

Whilst all swims offer an equal opportunity in terms of angling, certain swims provide better views of the lake. Naturally, the view given the position of some salas will be hard to match such as Mountain View and The Point which sit on knuckles of the lake and provide a panoramic view. We decided to shape the vegetation adjacent to every swim meaning that you can sit back in the Sala during warm weather and keep in contact with the lake whilst looking for signs of showing fish. This will be maintained by the gardening team monthly to improve your angling experience. For those of you that prefer to soak up the sun or sit by the rods, reclining chairs are available to hire from reception.

Never miss a moment of the action

We have all heard of ‘the one that got away and ‘you would never believe what just happened moments in the angling community. Well, following the installation of the high-speed internet has come a full HD CCTV network which not only supplements our existing security but also covers the action in every swim. The cameras are positioned to cover the front of the fishing areas only and record all the action from start to finish, meaning that you will never miss a moment. So far, we have captured some quality video of carp species tail-walking at dawn and tarpon hunting prey along the edges, not to mention weird and wonderful wildlife in the dark. On several occasions already, the cameras have been utilized to salvage photos and video for customers after camera equipment let them down at the all-important moment and your full trip can be downloaded to a USB drive for you before you leave allowing you to relive the unforgettable moments with your friends and family when you get home.

Sala restoration

The traditional Thai salas are in all the 11 swims and for those of you who graced us with your presence back at the beginning, you may even recall the bamboo salas from the start. The current wooden Salas have been in place for many years so it was about time that they received a renovation too. The old wooden roofs were stripped off and additional timbers and cross beams were added for further support. Orange tiles were selected to match other buildings on the resort and one by one, they were transformed. All the salas now offer complete protection from the sun and rain showers, increasing comfort and meaning that you can maximize your angling time during the rainy season.

A storm rolls by

What started as a sunny morning soon morphed into heavy showers in the afternoon. The distant rumble creeped closer, and an eerie silence suddenly descended across the lake. A brief rain shower ensued before the final drops fell and the birds went back about their business. The low-lying cloud started to clear, and the mountains emerged once more.


Fishing in Thailand - February 2021 29
Craig with a cracking Siamese carp

Craig joined us at Jurassic for 6 days here is what he had to say about his trip on Trip Advisor.

“Had a fantastic time. Landed 41 fish ranging from 25lb right up to 65lb. Indian carp, red tail catfish, and Siamese carp have all been ticked off my list. Although I didn’t catch a monster in the lake, I did witness Scarface landed at 185lb and 3 arapaima up to 150lb. The gillies are amazing. Their knowledge of the lake is impeccable and they are always on hand when needed. You can fish from 7am-6pm. You have to pick a ball out of a hat each night to decide which fishing peg you are on the following day.”

Monthly Wildlife Watch

Acheta domesticus, commonly called the house cricket, is a cricket most likely native to Southwestern Asia. They are typically brownish in color and reach 2cm in length. The house cricket is an edible insect. It is farmed in South-East Asia and parts of Europe and North America for human consumption. In Asia it is said to become more popular than many native cricket species due to what consumers claimed was their superior taste and texture. They can be commonly found for sale on the markets around Thailand and are certainly worth trying when you visit.

Hierodula patellifera is the Latin name for the giant Asian mantis that can reach up to 75mm in length and vary between green and brown in appearance. The difference in color is mainly due to the environment in which the animal is kept. They can develop a different color in a matter of days, but it is not yet understood which conditions will trigger a change in color. When they reach adulthood, they can easily eat adult crickets, adult locusts and big cockroaches and they will hunt for their food and are not easily intimidated by their prey which can reach up to half their size

Parapachymorpha zompro known as the Zompro’s stick insect has your typical stick insect body, long and slender with long legs. The skin has a bark-like texture which gets more and more pronounces as the insect becomes older and bigger. The color ranges from light brown to dark brown. The males of 7cm whilst the females can reach up to 9cm. Their diet consists of a variety of different leaves and they can be handled easily, making them a common pet to keep.

Until next month – tight lines!

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