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Welcome to our latest newsletter where you’ll find what’s been happening at Jurassic in January!

Welcome to Jurassic Mountain Resort. Fishing in Thailand

fishing resort thailand
Fishing resort Thailand

Our accommodation is set around the tropical gardens which are home to lush grass and plant areas as well as an arapaima pond and swimming pool. Your room will be a few minutes walk from the reception and restaurant area and most importantly the lake! Stand on the bridge across the stream and watch the arapaima coming up for air or the carp rolling. Eat at the restaurant overlooking the lake or have your meals sitting on your own terrace outside your villa.

Jurassic is a resort enjoyed by both anglers and non-anglers alike so if you haven’t already visited contact us on enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com – you will not be disappointed.

Quick round-up!   

January was a dry month with very little precipitation. The temperatures rose and normally by midday it was around 34 degrees! Not bad considering it’s winter.

This month a few new arapaima have been introduced into the lake from our stock ponds to support the existing stocks already there. On transition from stock pond to lake the fish weighed in excess of 150lb and we are on schedule to transfer even more heavier ones over the coming months.

The tarpon are still growing rapidly and getting stronger all the time – we are hoping to get some photos of these and others when we assess all our stock fish during the low season when the plan is to drain the ponds.

What’s been caught in January?

As always the Siamese carp have been the most obliging fish in the lake and retain its first place position as fish most caught at Jurassic in January – nearly twice as many have been caught than the Amazon redtail which retains 2nd place. The tambaqui which have been prolific over the past few months have slipped back into 4th place and 3rd place has been taken by the arapaima. The Indian carp have also seen a resurgence and take 5th place.

Bait update

It’s goodbye pellets but they’re still available in the short term while stocks last!


The company that has always provided our pellet has, for some time, been debating whether or not to continue its production. We’ve known about this situation for a while so the race has been on to make sure that we are prepared for the day pellet production ceases. So how have we done this? Put simply, we’ve established facilities on site to produce boilies on a large scale so that we are not impacted by the loss of pellets. The boilie implementation has been a huge success in terms of catch rates and also gives us the benefit of being able to ensure that all the bait is of a high quality and nutritional for our stock.


Lum mixed with maize meal and sweetcorn has often produced bites on the feeder both on the bottom and suspended from a float at midwater – this is due to both the heat of the day and the time of year. It was also the method that set the record for the most fish landed in a day by a single angler – 41.

PVA bags have been working wonders and bags containing feed pellet soaked in tuna oil or tuna extract, available from the tackle shop, have definitely been catching the better stamp of fish off the bottom at close range. Given the lake and the water clarity the scent is an essential attractos so such products are well worth using to allow fish to single out the feeding areas.

We have a new voucher system in place to allow you more freedom in your choice of bait – the amount you have is still the same it’s just that you now choose what you fish with!

A look back at who’s visited in January 2019, Fishing in Thailand

The last month has definitely been a busy one – lots of fish caught by returning guests and new ones alike.

Steve and Mick have regular fishing trips together and this January marked their second visit to Jurassic. Well it was certainly a busy time for them – both smashed their previous carp PBs, both caught big arapaimas and we believe both of them had a fantastic time. Steve is pictured below with two of his captures: 100lb+ carp and a nice arapaima. Sadly we don’t seem to have any photos of Mick and his captures but we are pretty sure that he has his own!


Steve’s friend Ian, chair of the UK Tenchfishers, joined the pair for a few days as well and was on fire as he caught arapaima after arapaima as well as some of our specimen carp! He also presented our Eddy with a Tenchfishers mug which to say he was delighted with was an understatement. It now has pride of place in his office and is used every morning for his brew!


Good friends and regular visitors to Jurassic are Graham and Kevin. Graham, a very experienced carp angler who has previously owned a carp fishery in France, managed two 100lb plus carp on this trip and set his new personal best for a Siamese. He celebrated his 60th birthday with us and we look forward to welcoming both of them back in May.

fishing in thailand
Fishing Resort Hua Hin

Martin Bowler arrived for his annual holiday at Jurassic with his wife Jo and their family. His priority was to encourage his son Ryan, who never fishes in the UK, to catch a few fish in the sunshine and hopefully understand why his dad is so passionate about the sport. Ryan listened closely to his dad and soon had some nice carp, both Indian and Siamese, in his net and a number of Amazon redtails. He had hoped to catch an arapaima as well but it was not to be on this trip. Dave Wilson also came to Jurassic for a day’s fishing with Martin so it really was a family affair for the Bowlers who also all enjoyed an evening meal together in the restaurant.


Perry is a very regular visitor to Jurassic and might well have stayed with us more than any other guest! He has to work once a month in Bangkok so likes to mix business with pleasure and comes to see us at Jurassic for some fishing! Originally from Manchester he moved to Australia before setting in Singapore with his wife. It’s obvious that he thoroughly enjoys his carp fishing here and this dark gem of a carp at over 100lb kick started his 2 day trip in January. Look forward to your next visit Perry!

Thailand Fishing Lake

Chris visited Jurassic with his wife Fon for a 3 day trip after visiting her family in northern Thailand. Chris had a few target species in mind and his first day saw him produce a string of Siamese carp on the new Jurassic Classic boilies. The following day he decided to target the predators using chicken hearts soaked in tuna oil and this certainly proved a success as he landed 4 fish in the first couple of hours. He had seen a few arapaima showing in the swim opposite and as it was vacant he asked to move. A single piece of chicken carcass was lightly hooked and lowered into position and it was taken immediately! A gruelling 30 minutes later with his first arapaima resting in the cage Chris let out a sigh of relief and relaxed! Time for a drink!


Combining fishing and family visits sees Rob and Jimmy at Jurassic every year as the latter visits his dad Steve. This year they booked in for 3 days and the last one saw them fishing together in one of the larger swims where they chose to target the predators, with chicken hearts, in the marginal water hyacinth beds. A good choice as the morning started with Jimmy landing his first arapaima and Rob following suit shortly after! Two action packed fights with some hairy moments before both fish came to rest in the arapaima cage. After photos it was time for some ice cold Chang – not a bad finish to the trip!


Mark is a match pleasure angler from the UK who has been coming to Jurassic since its inception so he has really seen some changes over the years. In the swim draw he opted for one that had produced an array of different species the previous few days including a few predators. The water hyacinth bed was his spot of choice for a steady trickle of chopped fish and pellet. Mark deployed a predator rod in the prime time of late afternoon and was rewarded with a good sized arapaima – the first of this trip. This fishing is very different to his pole angling at home and he said that about midway through the arapaima fight he could definitely feel the burn!

jurassic fishing resort
Thailand fishing Park

Below are pictures of other guests with their captures…

If we haven’t included you in our round-up and you would like to share your experience of fishing/staying at Jurassic please email enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com

One of our other residents


You’ll see a lot of these carpenter bees around the lake but don’t worry although they are quite big they are not aggressive. This particular one was photographed whilst taking a well deserved break during strong winds. It remained stationary until the gusts eased when it took flight again in search of pollen. Just one of the amazing creatures you’ll find living in and around the lake.

John Wilson Memorial Service

Fishing in Thailand
Fishing in Thailand

Column 6

For those of you who live in the UK and would like to pay their respects – John’s memorial service will take place at 2pm on Friday 24th May inside Norwich Cathedral.

This invitation is open to everyone in the angling community who wishes to celebrate his life.


Jurassic will be at The Big One this year so if you’re based in the UK come and talk to Martin & Jo Bowler about a holiday with us! Special offers will be available for bookings taken at the show so don’t miss out!


We pride ourselves on our immaculate gardens but have to admit that the fauna around the lake and in the gardens here at Jurassic seem to grow very quickly! It’s only thanks to our hard working team of gardeners that it’s all kept under control and remains a haven for all our guests.

Video Round-Up for January

It’s been a very busy month on the lake so we’ve not had time to make as many videos as we normally do!

Beej – Chao Phraya: https://www.facebook.com/JurassicMountainResortFishingPark/videos/2069946276453892

James – Giant Snakehead: https://www.facebook.com/JurassicMountainResortFishingPark/videos/1849953695115791

James Snr – Chao Phraya: https://www.facebook.com/JurassicMountainResortFishingPark/videos/1071228349704701

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fishing in thailand