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For the month of July we are running a summer promotion to help us bring in some revenue to do the gardening during the corona slowdone, and to help you cross that line of indecison and finally book your place in our angling paradise well in advance for the coming high season. So the deal is as follows:-


Receive a 15% discount on our normal package prices for all bookings of 5 days or more secured with a 50% deposit before 31.07.20.

Bookings made within this period will, in addition to the usual 2000BHT daily bait allowance also benefit from 2490 THB worth of complimentary ground-baits, glugs, and pre-drilled pellet as listed below:-

10kg of mixed ground-bait

3 x 500ml glugs,

1 300gram pot of Pre-Drilled Pellets


1. Your deposit must be received no later than 31st July 2020 with quote “CORONA SPECIAL” included in your inquiry.

2. Date of travel must be within 2 years of Booking

3. In the event of international travel restrictions, deposits will be transferable to any available change of dates up until 31st July 2022.

Anyone who follows Jurassic, knows we rarely do these kind of offers, so this is the best chance to book your place in our fishing paradise to come along in a good while, so every cloud has a silver lining!

We look forward to hearing from you!

For a great overview of what Jurassic and the surrounding area has to offer watch this 5 minute video!

Newsworthy Catches in June

It’s been a while since we mailed out a newsletter so firstly, we would like to wish you and your families all good health given the events that have unfolded across the world in the last few months with regards to the coronavirus outbreak which has sadly claimed lives worldwide. We were looking forward to welcoming a lot of new guests along with regular visitors during the 2nd quarter of the year but unfortunately due to the travel restrictions imposed this was not possible. At present we are still awaiting the official verdict as to when international flights entering Thailand will resume. In the meantime, we have been in contact with customers daily who have upcoming bookings and we will continue to reschedule trips accordingly for those whose dates have / will be affected.  If you have an existing booking in the next few months, we advise that you check with your airline company in advance for updates and contact us via email, so that we can work together to help potentially re-arrange your booking. For all those who where planning to book, July is the month! As we are offering a great deal if you book with a deposit in July, along with flexi dates, so no need to fix your dates until we have some firm news from governments.

For the first few months of the year  I found myself sat overlooking the lake as it reflects back the blue skies, observing the arapaima surface for a breath, and listening to the bird calls continue uninterrupted as they reverberate back from the Mountain along with the distinctive sound of the cicada can be heard in the distance.  I found myself working away on the laptop sat in anticipation awaiting a bite alarm to go into absolute meltdown then the subsequent silence to be broken by an enthusiastic whistle. Hearing such a series of events I would be reaching for the camera, fully aware of a photo opportunity whilst the customer wonders if a cherished memory is in the making. This month, instead, I sat it in silence as we were ordered to close during the peak of the pandemic. On the upside it gave me time to actually appreciate the true beauty of where this has been written, often labelled as “the office” that can be so easily overlooked when you are lucky enough to be in paradise on a daily basis.

All anglers can relate to the feeling of uncertainty. The sudden rush of adrenaline shrouded in mystery that is felt from one bite to the next, whether it be by fly,  float or just a few bleeps on the alarm at night when you are tucked up in your bag. Now don’t get me wrong, it could well be tipping it down with rain and you know full well that them few bleeps are a bream. Here at Jurassic, they are all worth catching and angling for the unknown coupled with exceptional service is what keeps people coming back year upon year. On the other hand, Jurassic regularly welcomes new guests, some of which have never fished before, and we have been at the heart of people’s first angling experience. This is another thing that makes Jurassic so special, not just the fishing, but making new friends, and having new experiences, always makes for a great social atmosphere. The lake provides the perfect balance between both bites and big fish meaning that it is uncommon to spend a day on the lake and not experience excitement. In addition to this. For the serious specimen hunter there are currently 8 different species that have crossed the magical 100lb mark along with other specimen sized fish to go at.

Jurassic may be regarded as a hub for surrounding activities and we often welcome couples and families who balance their holidays between exceptional angling and sightseeing. The family package is just one of many available that is detailed on our website. Whilst you are in the area, we would certainly recommend the hustle and bustle of local markets such as the Hua Hin night market. This street glows with neon and striplights by dark as it comes to life each evening from 6:30pm and is known for its superb selection of fresh street food with hundreds of individual vendors battling for your custom. Simply strolling through the street is satisfying as you soak up the Thai culture that surrounds you.

For those of you that are a bit more adventurous you may prefer to explore the Phraya Nakhon cave which is home to a hidden pavilion at its center. (Don’t worry no bats in this cave!) Built in the late 19th century it resembles a film set from an Indiana Jones movie.  If you time your descent correctly you will be met with a magical sight as the sun casts its rays upon the temple revealing all its beauty. First step to reach the cave is to drive to the small village of Bang Pu located by the beach, and from there decide if you’d rather rent a boat to take you around the cape to Laem Sala beach, or walk a 30 minutes trek above the hill leading to the same Laem Sala beach. A 430m ascending trail results in one of the most spectacular temples in Thailand. There are two caves connected by a wooden bridge and both benefit from holes within the ceiling illuminating inside with a radiant glow allowing trees and vegetation to flourish on a hilltop with the pavilion at the heart of such a surreal environment.

The restaurant at Jurassic continues to offer a diverse array of dishes and can comfortably accommodate 30 guests overlooking the lake and gardens where you will be welcomed by our friendly staff who can assist you with your order. Explore the menu and select from a comprehensive range of different dishes including Indian, European, and Thai cuisine to suit your palette. The tackle shop has received a few extra products of recent and all of which are in the process of being added to our ever-growing online store where they can be purchased for delivery. This has served as a lifeline to many ex-pats who are lucky enough to be living in Thailand and enjoy their angling but struggle to find tackle items that they require.

Patrik had been chomping at the bit to get back to Jurassic. As soon as the government allowed us to re-open, he travelled from Prachuap Khiri Khan for the day. With plenty of swims to choose from, he settled into Mountain View and kept an open mind using a mixture of carp and predatory baits. A little and often approach with the 12mm feed pellet soon built up the swim and a few Siamese carp followed during clear blue skies. Around mid afternoon the weather started to turn, and the predator rod came into play producing a series of Amazon redtail to end on. Less than a week later he come back accompanied by his daughter for round two battling the Amazon redtails until dusk. All in all, a great time spent together for father and daughter which just goes to show that the action can be enjoyed by all ages and genders.

Since the rains have arrived the monster Siamese have carp proved to be illusive. Well, quite a few lumps have been hooked and unfortunately lost before gracing the net. A characteristic dead weight fight followed by an angler’s worst nightmare! Overcast conditions suiting the carnivores have seen many customers making the most of the exceptional predator angling. Rob arrived after a long journey from Krabi and he was looking forward to wetting a line on Jurassic for the first time, setting his sights upon a giant Siamese carp. The big girls were not playing ball as Rob found out, however  landing a monumental five arapaima and two alligator gar during a five day period with the majority being landed on double Jurassic Classic boilie bottom baits he was more than satisfied. Mark recently retired here and has made the most of living locally during our quiet spell due to Corona, his  gar also fell to a boilie bottom bait which just proves that they are attractive to predatory species also. Speaking of predators, the Chao Phraya catfish are often referred to as freshwater sharks and can be identified by their distinctive dorsal fins cutting through the water surface. Graham witnessed such a display one morning in Mountain View acting upon it and casting to showing fish with chicken carcass. Unfortunately he received little interest until mid morning when his efforts were rewarded with his personal best alligator gar instead. These sought-after prehistoric predators can be tricky to hook and stay hooked  given their finicky feeding habitats, bony mouths, and rows of super sharp teeth. If you think that is the hard part, wait until you try to hold one for a photo and remain intact! Thankfully the fishery team were close by to lend a hand should he lose one!

Mark joined us a number of times throughout June One session starting in Blind Man’s Bluff fishing towards the largest water hyacinth bed on the lake . He opened the account with an Amazon redtail before later hooking into an arapaima that shook the hook merely meters from the cage. A few choice words were expelled as he headed up to Sam’s Sala to find Dave Wilson leaned into an arapaima of his own. Mark looked on as the fish was caged wondering what could have been, but no sooner had it been unhooked it bolted prior to a photo being taken clearing the cage in the process. So just remember that hooking the arapaima is just the start… Thankfully Mark made amends to the morning by landing two arapaima back to back in the afternoon and the celebratory Chang draft went down a treat. Mark’s most recent session falling near the end of the month, saw him beat a personal best with a Siamese carp last weighed at 135lb just before dusk. He was left lost for words, although a few pints later and we didn’t hear the end of it.

Dave Brewster also got in on the arapaima action. Being a carpenter by trade, his craftsmanship has been appreciated many countless customers over the years as he can recall forming the woodworking in and around the clubhouse and restaurant. He also set out his stall for the Siamese carp from Jamboree where he landed multiple fish in the morning before the swim went quiet, often a tell-tale sign that an arapaima had moved in. As anticipated his next take left him with no option but to get in and give chase as an angry arapaima charged up the margin and he could already hear Graham’s alarms. He had just baited up and cast in when the liners started. Graham stood by the rods in anticipation just as Dave appeared and the banter between them began. “Did you not have enough room in your own swim Dave?” asked Graham, reluctantly reeling in his rods, “never mind me, make yourself useful and grab your camera.” A short while later just as Dave was starting to tire, the fish was landed, much to his relief as his back was in bits.

Property Bought and Sold.

Fishing in Thailand - June 2020 15
For Sale – Two Bedroom Executive Lakeside Villa

During the last six months there have been some movements in property. In October Villa 6 was purchased by regular customer Duncan who has fished Jurassic so many times he’s part of the furntature. His terrace looks out over the swimming pool set in tropical gardens approximately 60 meters from the Anglers Rest Restaurant. Pool Suites have the advantage of having the Tropical Swimming Pool with waterfall directly in front of their terrace. Villa 4, a Deluxe 2 Bedroom Family Villa was also sold just a few weeks ago and has proved to be popular since its development. This spacious two bedroom family villa is the most comfortable accommodation on the resort for families. Boasting two bedrooms one with queen size and one with super king size beds. In addition to this there is also a large sofa meaning that the property can easily accommodate easily four people. In addition the lounger area provides a very comfortable living space with a large 60″ TV and also a decorative fish tank. The terrace of the villa looks out onto our tropical swimming pool and it is a popular choice for families and small groups. At present there is one villa currently on the market; “Cascades” is a deluxe 2 bedroom villa with fabulous views over the lake and of Jurassic Mountain itself. The villa sleeps 4 people with one king size double bed and one twin bedroom with his and hers en-suite shower room. Fully fitted to a luxury standard, the 180 m2 villa boasts its own bar with sunset views over the paddy fields, top of the range pool table, 60” curved tv with platinum satellite TV package, fully fitted kitchen and has a/c in every room. Cascades is the ultimate fishing holiday accommodation and comes complete with its own Koi pond and waterfalls. Offers are invited in the region of 7.5M Baht and interest free finance is available if required. If you would like to know more information surrounding properties at Jurassic, please express your interest via email to enquiries@jurassicfishingthailand.co.uk


The swimming pool and jacuzzi has recently benefited from a new form of filtration system to ensure that the cooling water beneath the waterfall remains in tip top condition. Whilst some anglers want to make the most of their fishing time, others prefer to take a break for dinner. The temperature usually peaks between the hours of 12pm and 3pm and the action can subsequently slow down as a result. Whilst active anglers may switch methods can be successful during this period, others prepare to apply some free offerings and then rest the swim and seek shade. So feel free to grab your towel, order a fresh smoothie or an ice-cold draft beer and head to the pool for a few hours to relax during the hottest hours. Sun loungers and parasols allow you to seek shade to the sound of the birds meaning you can relax and unwind. The pool is great for family members and children during the days where they are staying on site and not exploring the local places of interest.

A Focus Upon Fish Morphology

The Arapaimas armoured scales provide protection from predators but do not severely compromise mobility because they are lightweight, flexible, and tough. The core of each scale is made from elastic collagen weaved into spiral layers that intertwine and curve inward and outward coupled with an outer shell. The scales also overlap by about 60% meaning that result resembles armor that allow the arapaima to survive in piranha infested waters. Being bitten or attacked may cause the scales to deform but their layered structure means that they do not crack or tear. Studies upon arapaima scales concluded that they are among the toughest of nature’s flexible biological materials.

Amazon redtail catfish also originate from the Amazonian areas including Brazil and Surinam but unlike the arapaima, they have skin is scaleless. They have a noticeably hard thick skull that aids digging and foraging for food. An armored bony plate extends approximately a third of their body length adding further protection and is articulated to improve movement. The dark colored solid structure on top is a complete contrast to their soft white underbellies that hugs the bottom in the murky depths.  

Siamese carp vary in color here at Jurassic ranging from bright yellow to grey through to jet black in color with a checquerboard appearance such as the carp pictured below. Anglers can appreciate their intricate scale patterns irrespective of their size as all the Siamese carp are in tip top condition.

Fishing in Thailand - June 2020 22
Siamese Carp Belly Scales

Jurassic’s wonderful grounds

Whilst we offer some of the best fishing in Thailand to be had, the resort is set in stunning scenic surroundings. The paths weave their way through the resort encompassed by an array of different plant and tree species maintained on a regular basis in order to improve biodiversity. The gardens and plant species form part of the ecosystem for the various insects and animals that can be spotted on a regular basis

Fishing in Thailand - June 2020 23
The Flourishing Flora within the Jurassic Gardens


Fishing in Thailand - June 2020 24
John Gregory with one of his most memorable captures

Jon Gregory has fished at Jurassic several times in the past and this was is what he had to say on Tripadvisor following his last trip:

“End of another fishing trip to Jurassic and once again caught some amazing fish. Over the 2 days fishing I had 16 Carp and Catla Indian Carp to 35lb, along with various Asian red tails, Amazon red tails and tambaqui. The resort is breathtaking and such well kept. Again Tom and Jules and all the staff there made us feel at home and welcome. Whilst we were there, some massive fish were pulled out and the lake was fishing its head off. We will be booking up for next year and would recommend it to all. Amazing venue and amazing fish.

Monthly Wildlife Watch

Until next month – tight lines!

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