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The start of another day at Jurassic and as the sun creeps up from the horizon the only sound to be heard is that of the birds singing.  Then the first fish is spotted breaking the surface and the anglers burst into life; ordering breakfast, walking towards their swims, making plans for the day ahead and hoping that today is going to be their Red Letter day.  With 15 swims, 11 anglers and a lake full of monsters there’s always a chance that this could happen.  

On the Lake

Like every month we’ve had new guests and returning guests – the only problem with Jurassic is that when you’ve been once you just want to keep coming back. Not that we mind at all – a warm welcome is extended to everyone regardless of whether it’s your first time with us or your 8th, whether you’re on your own, with your non-angling partner, your family or a group of friends and we firmly believe that there are no strangers at Jurassic just friends you’ve yet to meet.

Below are some of the fish caught this month, apologies if we haven’t included you but sadly we can’t feature everyone’s catches so if you would like to be featured in our newsletter please send in pictures and words and we’d be more than happy to include in a future edition.

Fishing in Thailand Newsletter - October 2019 2

Paul had a list of species he wanted to catch and he was steadily working his way through it – next up was a tambaqui. Adapting his approach by reducing the size of his hookbait he then sat by the rods looking for finicky bites. At around midday he landed his first tambaqui however just as he went to lift it the fish leapt into the air and disappeared. To say Paul was gutted was an understatement however after a minute or two he flicked the rod back into position and within the hour he was posing for photos with another tambaqui .

Chris (top right in gallery) worked hard building up his swim during the morning with a constant trickle of pellet and boilie but was unlucky with the first few fish he hooked. Adapting his set up Chris fished a single pop-up off the lead (safe hook-length) along with a PVA bag of boilie crumb. As his hookbait wafted with the cloud created in the water column he received a screaming take and this stunning carp within minutes. Sometimes a subtle change in approach can make all the difference.

Luke (bottom left in gallery) and his partner Sarah joined us for 6 days of angling and what a start to their trip. Employing tactics from his experience angling in the UK Luke worked hard familiarising himself with the areas of their swim whilst keeping Sarah busy tying PVA bags. Working together as a team paid off as their first 2 days saw them land a total of 22 fish.

Other anglers in gallery:

Top middle – Lee who caught a number of Siamese throughout his stay; top far right – Derek who professes to be more a golfer than an angler

Bottom left – Mike who has been visiting us since the beginning; bottom middle – Paul with just one of the Siamese he caught during his stay with us

Jimmy started his second day with us on a high – catching his second 100lb Siamese carp of the trip with his first cast! With photos taken, the fish rested and returned to the lake Jimmy was very confident in his approach. A few fish later and he lifted into another very large fish and couldn’t believe his luck when the gillie slipped it into the net. A very powerful fish and even after being netted it nearly took our gillie with it – see it for yourself in our short video. A great start to Jimmy’s fishing trip – 3 different giant Siamese carp in 2 days!

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Villa owner at Jurassic Beej has caught a number of different species during his numerous trips but this time he landed a new species for him – the Rita Salween catfish. We’ve got a number of them in the lake with the largest well in excess of 100lbs! Anyone interested in owning a villa on Jurassic? Please let us know.

You could say Dan’s return trip to Jurassic was a success as he averaged 10 fish a day; his haul consisted of several arapaima and more than 1 Siamese in excess of 100lb! Watch him land one of the giant carp here!

Fishing in Thailand Newsletter - October 2019 10
At first Tony didn’t realise what he had hooked and was shocked when this specimen surfaced. After what can only be described as a crazy fight which saw the fish fish jump several times it was eventually secured safely int he net. The giant snakehead is not one of the most commonly caught fish here at Jurassic but they do seem to like chicken hearts as the last few that have been landed have succumbed to them!

Fishing in Thailand Newsletter - October 2019 15

A tarpon on the fly? Yes! Armed with his 12 weight fly rod Derrick selected a fly just as he spotted a tarpon surface. The fish absolutely destroyed his fly but he had no doubts it was worth it being absolutely blown away with his catch. (Anglers are permitted to use their own tackle on the lake AFTER it has been checked and approved by our fishery staff.)

First arapaima of Gary’s trip with the Jurassic mountain as his backdrop – watch it here! This short video also demonstrates how our fishery team assist with your photos to ensure you have some great pictures to look back on when you’re home!

Can I feed arapaima by hand?

Fishing in Thailand Newsletter - October 2019 21Fishing in Thailand Newsletter - October 2019 22

Yes you can!  You might have seen on our Facebook page short videos/photos of our staff feeding the ‘pet’ arapaima.  Situated in the centre of the resort is our predator pool which is home to a large number of alligator gar and four huge arapaima.  In the morning they have to be fed and under the guidance of our staff you could help, just speak to a member of the fishery team and they’ll be more than happy to help you.


Fishing in Thailand Newsletter - October 2019 23

In 2020 Martin Bowler and his wife Jo will be at The Big One fishing shows in both Stoneleigh and Farnborough. There’ll be there to answer any questions you might have about Jurassic and if you book a trip during the show you can take advantage of our special offer! More details to come.

Tickets are now on sale for both dates – book now!

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The pellet waggler has always been an effective method at Jurassic especially when the fishing on the bottom has been slow. This simple method works in a similar manner to the float method feeder allowing you to work different depths within the water column. The repeatedly cast float fished pellet and a constant trickle of single pellets fed over the top is prime for hitting takes “on the drop” as the hook pellet falls through the water column alongside the feed. The pellet waggler can also be productive when targeting different species such as tambaqui and pacu especially during warm weather when fish can be found at mid-depth.

Fishing in Thailand Newsletter - October 2019 25
The sun sets not just on the end of the day but on another month here at Jurassic. Now it’s time for the anglers to reflect upon the day’s events and consider their swim choices for tomorrow. Time for a nice cold beer, great food and the all important swim draw.

Until next month – tight lines!

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