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The first Jurassic Monster Tackle bundle

Jurassic Loyalty Program

At present we understand that whilst you would love to come and visit us here at Jurassic, you may be apprehensive about booking given the current flight restrictions. In the meantime many of you are enjoying your angling at home and being out on the bank. This got the team here at Jurassic to brainstorm some ideas that might still give our customers a chance to plan and look forward to their next Jurassic Experience without having to commit to a date right now.

As a result, this months newsletter marks the launch of the Jurassic loyalty program, offering you reward points for selected products within the Jurassic Store, meaning that every time now you need a tackle item there is an opportunity to pay down up to 100% of the cost of a future holiday with us here, simply by choosing to purchase your everyday tackle items from us. Is this a big deal? We think so, in fact it’s a massive deal as now you can be saving for your holiday for as long as travel restrictions are in place.

Loyalty points have a value of 10 baht per 1 point and can be used as part or even FULL (if you spend enough!) payment against your future trips. This unique opportunity presents a great way that you can benefit from high quality tackle at competitive prices to use at home.  Whether you need to top up with some everyday essentials or are looking for more substantial items of equipment, the more you purchase, the more savings you make towards your next fishing trip. All loyalty points are accrued in your account so create an account today to get started (see link below)

This month’s bundle contains the following terminal tackle items;

1 x Jurassic Tackle bag,  1 x Speed link (20), 1 x Tail rubber (10), 1 x Chod beads (20), 1 x Size 8 UK swivel (20), 1 x Quick change swivels (10), 1 x Boilie hook size 2 (10), 1 x Anti-tangle sleeve (20), 1 x Lead clips (10), 1 x Quick change flexi ring swivels (10), 1 x Bait screws (10).

This product is in our online store here

At a cost of 2000BHT or approximately £49.99 including shipping from Thailand with a reward points value of 120 which is currently equal to £30 off your next booking, you would be mad to give it a miss. Head to the store and go to “my account” in top right and then click on REGISTER to join our loyalty scheme.

Once you are registered you will be able to take advantage of the program in which the points you gather are valid for TWO YEARS. We will be featuring at least one new product in our newsletter each month and others will be added  into the store without notice so keep an eye out for more opportunities to save on your holiday!

In addition to earning points on tackle purchases, you can also start earning points straight away by introducing others to the program. Simply follow the instructions once you have registered your account, to get more free points for introducing your angling friends and family.

A selection of captures from September


It has been a busy month here at Jurassic in terms of both fish captures and developments on site as we make the most of this quiet period to undertake improvements to the fishery and resort. The country pub and restaurant is undergoing transformation by the week and it is a pleasure to see the improvements unfold. So much so that our guests truly are in for a treat when the gates open and they step back into paradise to experience the atmosphere for themselves. Also, as part of our continued efforts to reduce our environmental impact we have launched our solar project and there are plenty more plans in the pipeline. During September, our regular angling enthusiasts have arrived for their monthly fix of fishing in Thailand along with some new faces who also received a warm welcome by our staff and anglers alike.

Mick’s success with the predators

This was his second trip to Jurassic, and he was keen as mustard to target the predators after seeing others land arapaima last time. The draw led to him selecting Sam’s Sala where he set up one rod for the arapaima from the off. The morning turned out to be frustrating for him as he suffered two hook pulls to the predators and a draught beer washed away his woes in the early afternoon. Feeling optimistic, he struck gold and was buzzing with a 50kg arapaima meaning that his dream had come true. It was still sinking in when the rod ripped off again producing this alligator gar and at last knockings he landed another arapaima which left him simply lost for words!

Nearly 20 years in the making

Dave Wilson arrived for a 2-day session at the lake and drew The Point (swim 6). He landed 15 Siamese carp averaging 45lb on the suspended method feeder before hooking into the largest freshwater fish of his life. The float shot under and battle commenced… Around 20 minutes later someone mentioned that they had seen a Mekong catfish surface at the other end of the lake, little did they know that Dave was hooked into it. As the word spread, a crowd started to form in his swim and after an hour, we finally got our first glimpse of it. It came close to the net on a few occasions but bolted before the fishery team had time to react. At this point Dave was certainly feeling the burn but dug deep and maintained a bend in the rod. So close yet so far away. One of the fishery team saw an opportunity and dived down with a net to secure the head before working together as a team to transfer the giant into the cage. A joyous moment for all as Dave breathed a sigh of relieve. He can recall some 20 years ago when he landed his previous long-standing personal best of 165lb, so this capture at Jurassic had totally shattered his record. He took to the water and the photos were underway but we soon realised that we required more manpower! Fellow anglers took to the water, embracing the moment to lend a lifting hand to fully display the fish for the photos. What a truly special experience for all involved and a new personal best Mekong catfish for Dave that we doubt he will supersede anytime soon.

Less than a minute remaining

David selected Shangri La for his day session, a swim that is often overlooked. The morning period saw him apply bait at regular intervals to target the carp species. With a few fish under his belt, the swim went dead in the afternoon and it soon became apparent that the arapaima had moved in instead. He adapted his approach and lost an arapaima no sooner had he hooked it. He thought he had blown the opportunity. A few more hours went by and the clock was ticking. Once again a screaming take ensued and he had nothing to show for it. Only a matter of minutes remained as he quickly applied another hook bait and within seconds of it entering the water, it was away. The angry arapaima had been hooked by surprise and it hugged the margin during a raging run around the corner into swim 6.  He waded up the margin in hot pursuit as the sun set, determined to retain his hook-hold. The mosquitos showed no mercy as battle went on into darkness before the arapaima finally succumb to the cage, ending the day on a high!

A big girl before breakfast

Lover’s Retreat is situated in the far right corner of the lake by the paddle wheels structure which used to cause problems as fish snagged anglers within them. Such structures certainly attracted the predators and the swim has been historically associated with Amazon redtail and arapaima angling. The paddle wheels are now secured by surface booms only, which allow fish to be played beneath them and since this change, Graham has taken a shine to the swim. Upon fishing it for the first time he located a few harder areas in search of Siamese carp and was rewarded with over 15 fish a day across 3 separate sessions. His last venture proved that persistence pays off after producing one the big girls within minutes in the morning. A fish that last tipped the scales at 134lb over a year ago. It just goes to show you that all swims can make memories and that anglers shouldn’t be disheartened if they place last in the draw for swim choice.

First day success and an array of species

The cooler weather is well on its way which had led to comfortable temperatures for fishing in and we have started to witness a change in species capture patterns. The carp species appear to prefer the sunny spells and anglers can recall their most prolific days on the lake whilst sweating buckets. Predatory species such as Asian redtails and arapaima can be observed hard on the feed in water temperatures of 28’C and below as Rob found out recently. He headed back up to see us from Krabi and started his session in Jamboree where he set up both rods for the Siamese carp. He has been longing to land a specimen tipping the scales to three figures, but it simply wasn’t to be when a series of Amazon redtail homed in on the spot after the rain. Fishing along the edges following an influx of cool water can be the prime time to target the Amazon redtails and captures of 20+ cats have been noted in the past whilst doing so.

Bertrand on the other hand had been looking forward to targeting the predators, especially the arapaima. Stormy showers had rained down during through the night but Bertrand brought the blue skies with him from Bangkok ahead of a day session in Sam’s Sala. He was pleasantly surprised when his first arapaima fell to a single Jurassic Classic Boilie. He could not believe his luck only for the fish to clear the cage whilst he grabbed his camera. Still with mixed emotions…his other rod ripped off and he went on to land his second arapaima at nearly twice the size which was far better behaved. The ups and down of angling in under an hour!

Danny and Mark had been looking online for a weekend getaway and Jurassic was their top choice as they checked in for a 2-day break from Bangkok to relax and explore the resort with their families. Despite having fished just a little in the past, they soon got into the swing of things with a cold beer and Danny landed an alligator gar in the afternoon. At first he was apprehensive about getting into the water after seeing their teeth, but the fishery team were on hand to talk him through things much to the amusement of Mark.

James had also been looking online and after following our Facebook page for a while, he decided to head across from Bangkok for a day session. This was his first-time fishing, so he did not quite know what to expect but Jurassic didn’t disappoint. He fished alongside his good friend Dave Brewster and a few helpful pointers saw him land several fish throughout the day. He was already on a high so when he was asked to help David Wilson display his giant Mekong catfish, it was certainly an enjoyable experience.

Meanwhile Graham was tucked away in Lover’s Retreat and his small critically balanced hook baits had been working wonders as he went on to land his second Niger ripsaw in as many trips making him one happy man given that they are particularly tricky to target. Paul popped by to congratulate him and the conversation soon turned to rig talk and tactics. Paul returned to his swim and made a few adjustments to his end tackle to produce a good run of pearlescent Indian carp, restoring confidence in his approach.


Explore the local beaches

The long coastline on the Gulf of Thailand means that Cha-am beach is rarely overcrowded and is not overwhelmed by busy activities often found on the more popular beaches in Thailand. Bang Ket beach is only 6 minutes away and is incredibly quiet and clean offering peace and tranquility. Cha-am beach is just 15-20 minutes away from Jurassic, the beach benefits from patches of trees and plenty of sun-loungers with parasols allowing you to escape the midday heat. Activities on offer include traditional Thai beach massages, pony rides, jet skis, banana boats, windsurfing and water skiing or simply relaxing to the sound of the sea whilst reading a book. There are also numerous food vendors offering different types of fresh seafood and fruits and an array of eating options within walking distance.


The Angler’s Rest Country Pub

Fishing in Thailand - September 2020 15
Newly exposed ceiling beams in The Angler’s Rest

Changes are now well underway as the clubhouse and reception transform into a lakeside country pub and restaurant. Whilst the building was structurally sound, its appearance needed a revamp to house the atmosphere that we aim to create. Therefore, both the interior and exterior ceilings have been reconstructed to include authentic timber beams that compliment the existing carpentry. Once the timbers have received their final coat, the ceilings and vaults will be painted and decorated. The colour scheme will be applied throughout the country pub once structural work has been completed  in other areas as the transformation continues…

Jurassic Monster Tackle and application

In this month’s edition we look at float fishing for predators safely and tying critically balanced pop up rigs along with the components involved. The video covers how to float fish for predators safely with the use of a lead to prevent deep hooking fish and this is of upmost importance when it comes to fish welfare. Once the float system is set up, adjusting the stopper bead means that you can adjust your depth with ease.  It is a versatile method which allows you to suspend a bait off the bottom or on the bottom and cover more water serving as a visual aid and is certainly an edge for species including Chao Phraya catfish, alligator gar and Salween Rita catfish.

Critically balanced hook-baits are common in European carp angling and are viewed to be advantageous given the hook bait can be easily sucked up from the substrate improving the chance of obtaining a hook hold. We look at the use of bait screws to attach pop-ups, how to tie a rig and the different ways in which the bait can be balanced on the bottom complete with a tank test to give you an insight.

Species Overview: Niger ripsaw

Fishing in Thailand - September 2020 22
A closer look at the Niger ripsaw catfish – see video

Oxydoras Niger or cuiu cuiu is a species of thorny catfish and they are Native to the Sao Francisco, Essequibo, and Amazon basins. They have a reported upper weight of 30lb, but larger specimens can thrive in a fishery environment. A temperature range of 24 – 29.5’C is ideal with a pH range of between 5-9 and the species is used to muddy slow moving rivers and lakes. Its name derives from the thorns running along the lateral line which can cause considerable damage when handling if you do not follow instructions by the fishery team. The ripsaw utilises its downturned mouth to sift through the substrate and prefers silty areas where their receptors identify food sources including decaying vegetative matter, chironomid, and larva. In a similar manner to a tench, pin prick feeding bubbles and plumes of disturbed silt may be used to indicate feeding areas. The best baits to tempt them include small baits such as q single 12mm drilled pellet, breadflake, worms and wafters.

An eco-friendly project is underway

Fishing in Thailand - September 2020 23
The first robust framework to house multiple solar panels

One of our most recent projects aims to reduce our electric consumption across the site by investing in a modular solar system. The frame work has been designed and constructed to support a series of panels that will allow us to expand the system over the coming months. The associated electrical wiring has been submerged underground and runs to a control box complete with regulator and inverter before joining our electric supply. At present, only a few panels have been installed to gauge the power output generated and ensure that the system is suitable. We look forward to developing the system with the long term goal to fully eliminate our electric dependency on the main grid and move towards sustainability. 


Fishing in Thailand - September 2020 24
Taffy displays a tambaqui

Taffy joined us in December and what a trip it turned out to be. Here is what he had to say about his experience on Trip Advisor;

Stayed at the fishery for the first time and was very impressed by the quality of the fishing. I never expected to catch the number of fish I did and a lot of this was due to the advice and helpfulness of the staff. I averaged over 12 fish per day over the 7 days fished. Fish tally included Siamese Carp to 180lb, Indian Carp to 20lb, Arapaima to 140lb, Amazon Redtail Catfish to 70lb, Tambaqui 30lb, Asian redtail catfish to 10lb, Pacu 8lb. My one bit of advice to anyone visiting is listen to other anglers and the staff – a great bunch of guys and they certainly Know the lake and how to catch the fish in it. I will definitely be back 😁

Monthly Wildlife Watch

The rice field crab of the Somanniathelphusa genus is known locally as “poo naa” and they inhabit the paddies in the surrounding area and are considered a pest due to their burrowing behavior and destructive diet. They are regarded as a pest that literally eat into a farmers profit due to appetite for fresh rice shoots. The crabs dig into the ridge left when the rice paddies dry out From January to April they hibernate in these ridges, and this is the time when people consider their flavour to be at a peak. Hibernating crabs are big and tasty and when the rice harvest is over, adults and children gather to find crabs in the rice fields using a spade. Midday is a good time to find them when the sun heats up water in the field. Crabs escape hot water by hiding in the grass or under the field ridge and are easier to find.

The brahminy kite (red-backed sea eagle) can be found in India, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Malaysia, Sunda, Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. In Thailand, it can be found in every region. They are distinctive and contrastingly coloured, with chestnut plumage except for the white head and breast and black wing tips. Diet consists of frog, tadpole, snake, bird, insect, mouse, duck, chick, and small reptiles and they and they can be found on the plains and lowlands and they can be spotted on the lake most evenings from 5pm until dusk

The brown rhinoceros beetle, Xylotrupes gideon is a brilliant species of large scarab beetle belonging to the subfamily Dynastinae. They are commonly used in beetle fights in Asia, where large sums of money are betted on their outcome.

Until next month – tight lines!

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