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Welcome to our latest newsletter where you’ll find what’s been happening at Jurassic in March!

Welcome to Jurassic Mountain Resort, Fishing Thailand

The full moon at the beginning of the month brought the predators out and started a prolific month for the arapaima hunters on the lake. As always the Amazon redtails were the most obliging for our guests although the big 100lb+ Siamese enjoyed their moment in the sun, posing for photos and creating memories to last a lifetime. With tambaqui, pacu, Chao Phraya and the elusive Rita Salween catfish also seeing the inside of our nets this March it’s not difficult to understand why guests return to our tropical paradise again and again.

Unlike the UK and other parts of Europe the weather is warming up here at Jurassic – with a monthly average of 12 hours of daylight and temperatures between 24 – 32oC it’s not difficult to understand why Thailand is so attractive to anglers in March. It’s also a busy time of year on the lake so if you’re thinking of visiting next year enquire now; enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com

Eddy Mounce
It’s highly probable that the majority of you who have already visited Jurassic have met Eddy or maybe seen him sitting in his office by the clubhouse or wandering around the resort sporting his cowboy hat.

Six and a half years ago Eddy, in partnership with Jules and Sam, had a dream to create a premier fishing resort in Thailand – after a lot of hard work that dream came to fruition and the end result is the Jurassic Mountain Resort. With a wealth of fishing experience Eddy had previously formed and managed Fish Thailand, one of the first and at its peak one of the biggest guided fishing holiday companies in the Land of Smiles. It was here that he guided Robson Green in the making of an Extreme Fishing episode and Jeremy Wade in a River Monsters episode. Eddy is 37 years old and originates from the East of England although he has now been living in Thailand for almost half his life and, unusual for a westerner, he is also fluent in the Thai language.

Eddy would be your first point of contact when enquiring about a holiday at Jurassic and is always more than happy to advise on prices and availability (enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com)

Our guest judge, UK’s professional angler, journalist and photographer Martin Bowler has selected a winner from the top 10 finalists of the Jurassic Photo Competition.

The glorious prize of 6 days fishing including bait, tackle, lunch and dinner, 7 nights accommodation including breakfast, return flights and airport transfers goes to Photo Entry No.48 Aaron Horrell from New Zealand who took this fantastic picture of his wife Jules handling a lively Siamese carp.

Competition judge Martin Bowler said, “This picture epitomises everything about Jurassic – beautiful weather, fantastic setting, fun and big fish for everyone.”

A big congratulations to Aaron and thank you to everyone that sent in pictures to make the competition such a success. We look forward to welcoming Aaron back in the not too distant future and hopefully Jules will be accompanying him!

Fishing Lake Hua Hin
Fishing Lake Hua Hin

The arapaima, also affectionately known as ‘arry’, is one of the most sought after fish at Jurassic. Originating from the Amazon it’s one of the largest freshwater fish in the world and can grow to lengths of around 3 metres (10 feet) and weights of around 220kg (485lbs). It is also an air breather, needing to surface every 5-15 minutes, so you will often see it coming up for air on the lake giving you a good indication of where to fish for them. Gillies are always on hand to assist with specially designed arapaima nets ensuring the safety of our fish at all times.

Above is Dean with his specimen from swim 9 and to see a video of another of Jurassic’s arapaima caught by angler Christoph go to www.facebook.com/JurassicMountainResortFishingPark/videos/1616071741822167/

March on the Lake.
Yet again we have welcomed a number of familiar faces back to Jurassic this month as well as a lot of new ones savouring the delights of our resort for the first time. Below are just a few of our guest’s experiences at Jurassic – apologies, as always, to those we haven’t included.

Graham had already been with us for a few days and landed some nice fish when with half a day to go he decided to head to swim 9 in search of an arapaima. He knew that they were a tricky species to hook and land even without the snags and challenges that the swim presented him with. Taking advice from one of the gillies he baited a spot just under his feet, it’s surprising how close the fish will come into the margins and often the nearest metre is overlooked for the open spaces, and quietly waited. About an hour later his patience was answered and an angry arapaima took off at speed and headed straight for the paddles! With the assistance of the gillie however Graham was able to continue the fight and eventually managed to claim his prize – a difficult battle with a wily predator but well worth it!

As the owner of Bird’s Tackle Kevin only manages to fish once a year and he saves that pleasure for his annual trip to Jurassic. March saw his 4th trip to the resort and on a cocktail of chicken carcass and mackerel in swim 4 he tamed an arapaima, taking his tally over the years to 5 – the other 4 he caught in 1 morning!

Zsolt has a range of fishing experience and after angling on the Niagara river in Canada he decided to visit Thailand and specifically Jurassic in search of some big Siamese carp. With a few hours left on his last day his hard work was rewarded with a nice specimen.

Christoph from Germany proved It’s possible to catch specimen fish on a day ticket! From Swim 7 he caught his dream arapaima.

March was definitely a good month for the arapaima but there were other species keen to get on the score sheet as well. After landing arapaima and in search of carp returning angler Derek caught a nice tambaqui. They are fish with powerful jaw muscles and teeth strangely like a humans!

Alex and his dad decided to escape the long UK winter with a trip to Thailand and most importantly a 3 day visit to Jurassic. Although targetting arapaima he was chuffed to land the rare Rita Salween catfish.

John started fishing the day with two rods on the pellet but after catching a few fish it appeared that his prey were all to the right of his swim. Deciding to concentrate on the one spot he fished both rods side by side with PVA bags and a scattering of pellet which turned out to be a good decision as he bagged his first tambaqui of the trip.

Derek initially had some bad luck during his trip with us, losing two good fish within touching distance of the net. Resolving to set the record straight on his last day he stuck to swim 3 and his determination and hard work paid off as he landed a total of 17 fish.

Celebrating his 60th birthday on the banks of Jurassic Michael was hoping for a special present – the mighty arapaima. Fishing side by side with his daughter in swim 12 they landed a variety of different species but then decided to rest the rods for a while and speak to one of the gillies to find out more about arry’s feeding habits and the areas they were most likely to frequent. Taking the advice on board he trickled in chopped fish along the edges and waited, watching for signs. The result? Definitely a birthday to remember, as along with the arapaima he also caught some 100lb+ carp!

It was welcome back to American Devin Foutz. First visiting in February 2017 for a week with his friend he loved it so much that he booked again for 2018 with his wife Angie. Now although Angie loves fishing with Devin she’s always previously refused to touch any fish or get in the water. Well the magic of Jurassic helped her to overcome this fear and as action got underway Angie was soon in the lake and being photographed with all the fish caught. This included a big arapaima that helped kick-start their fishing on the first day and a subsequent smaller one later on the week. Hope to see you both back at the mountain next year.

March’s Angler of The Month – Rob Brittle

Rob Brittle from Norfolk has been a regular visitor to Jurassic since it was first established, however this year he very nearly didn’t make it! Two weeks before his flight he was rushed into hospital where he underwent not just one but two major groin operations. Sore and unable to get travel insurance – after any operation there is a high risk of blood clots and flying is not recommended because the altitude can exacerbate the problem potentially resulting in death! However such was the call of Jurassic Rob refused to let this stand in his way and still came fishing!

He did have to make some allowances for his recent operation however as he couldn’t play the fish with the rod in his groin due to the pain so when he became connected to a 200lb arapaima he had to play it for an hour off the arm! He also managed some nice carp to 70lb.

Rob came with his old school friend, David Collins, who hadn’t fished since they were at school together – bearing in mind Rob celebrated his 56th birthday with us it was a while ago and an aim of the trip was to rekindle David’s angling passion. Well, it appears to have worked as David caught a carp on the first day he fished and hasn’t stopped talking about it since!!

Carp Competition – 1-8 July 2018 – 1 place still available
Arriving on the 1 July you’ll spend the next 6 days competing with 10 other anglers to catch the biggest carp. The prize? The cost of your weeks fishing, accommodation and airport transfers back in cash! Don’t delay, contact enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com to book your space!

Excellent Customer Service – both on and off the lake
At Jurassic we want you to maximize your fishing time so we ensure that all items such as food, drink, tackle and bait can be delivered to you whilst you are fishing – this means that you can stay by your rods in pursuit of that dream fish. With salas in the majority of the swims you can eat in shaded comfort and there’s even a fan to keep you cool!

Simply speak with the gillie in your area and he can arrange any items for you. All our delicious food is freshly cooked onsite and we offer a range of both Thai and European food.

If you would like to submit an article for inclusion in a future newsletter please send it to enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com


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