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Hi Readers,
Welcome to the June edition of Jurassic’s newsletter giving you all the news, gossip, catch reports and lighthearted anglers antics from this Thailand fishing paradise. A big thanks to all the new faces and returning guests who ventured into our ‘ extreme fishing ‘ gem, it was indeed our pleasure to see you all at Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park.

Before I go into detail of the months anglers antics and their relevant catches , let me get the details of my French fishing experience out of the way ………………………
There you go …… That’s that out of the way , Quick report that was weren’t it?

That’s because nothing worthy of any note happened unless you want me to describe the couple of fish caught that quite frankly I could have won bigger at the fairground. Compared to Jurassic it was Er …. Well let’s just say there was no comparison. It was like expecting Charlie’s Angels to walk through your bedroom door and you end up with Charlie Drake instead. Showing my age with that one I’m afraid. I fished on one particular lake which they guaranteed a ‘ once in a lifetime experience’. Well they were spot on with that …. been there once and never again! The main problem for yours truly is that having fished at Jurassic is that I’m spoilt with an abundance of big fish and nothing else seems to come close. In actual fact, Europe and Thailand are worlds apart when it comes to freshwater fishing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that other venues in Europe are no good, far from it, some are extremely good indeed, but for me, apart from the fact that fate has decreed me lucky enough to live in this idyllic location, the Jurassic experience is better by far and would take a lot of beating in every aspect but you do need to experience it for yourself to be able to understand what I’m talking about. Pay us a visit and you’ll see what an extreme fishing experience fishing in a tropical freshwater lake really is like.

Talking of extreme fishing, I watched that programme with our very own Eddy Mounce and Robson Green fishing elsewhere in Thailand recently. Did you see that arapaima that Robson caught and was getting himself all worked up into a frenzy over? Well if that fish was in Jurassic, it would be in grave danger of being eaten. Come to that, stick it in our stock pond and it’d still be in trouble! To be fair to Robson, I believe this was filmed during the early days of Thailand’s fishing scene and the fish have obviously come on a bundle since then on nearly all the fisheries, but particularly the well managed ones. Come and have another go Robson and see for yourself you’d be more than welcome here at Jurassic and judging by your excitement levels when catching that oversized pike, I think you’ll get so worked up when you see the size of our monsters, you’ll probably need sedating!

Newsletter June 2015 1
Robson Green and our own Eddy Mounce in Bygone years. How much the fish have grown in Thailand’s sport fisheries!

Catch Reports

OK. Without further ado lets see just how many monsters got caught by our guests last month. Apologies to those who wanted a mention but didn’t get one and to those who got a mention and wished they hadn’t.

Newsletter June 2015 2
Wayne persuaded fishery owner Jules to take on an Arapaima he had hooked so he could show us all how to play these magnificent fish to the net with the minimum of distress to the fish.

New resort resident and self appointed ‘Gissajob’ Wayne took time off from almost single handedly transforming the resort into its present excellent condition to hook into a fine arapaima but obviously the lure of getting back to getting his ‘hands dirty’ around the resort was far too tempting for him and he handed the rod over to the nearest person available. Enter resort owner Jules who gleefully took over the ongoing battle whilst Wayne scurried off to water the flowers, tend to the stock ponds, do some internet marketing or anything else that took his fancy. Thankfully he returned within the hour just in time to net this specimen arapaima perfectly fought by Jules who gave us an expert display in how to play and bring these monsters to the net with the minimum of stress to the fish, no tailwalks, no fuss, and the 230lb+ fish was in and out of the stretcher like a McDonalds Drive Thru.

We came across this photograph in our camera but unfortunately we have no idea who it is. My guess is that he’s an avid fan of desert warfare because he’s dressed like he should be hanging out of a Panzer tank. However, we felt that this photograph was of such a well proportioned specimen that it needed including in this newsletter….. The Redtail weren’t too shabby either.

Enter Terje and Roar from Norway. Terje is by all accounts a top Norweigan joint and muscle specialist so I took the opportunity to ask him about a constant pain in my neck ( no, it’s not you Jules ) and down my back which, when it’s bad, turns me almost into a raspberry ripple with the only relief coming from swallowing Paracetamol like Smarties. In the blink of an eye he had me in a full Nelson and I’m sure our resort manager Piak thought I was being mugged. After two minutes of twisting my neck around just like that kid in the Exorcist, something clicked and the next thing you know I’m dancing around the lake like Rudolph Nureyev. Cheers Terje. Doctor Terje then took time off from performing miracles to set himself up on the lake with his friend Roar and his patients, sorry, I mean his patience was rewarded with a nice Tambaqui, four very decent Siamese Carp , numerous Redtails and very sadly two well fought but eventually lost Arapaimas the last one lost in a sudden tropical storm that hit Jurassic without warning. But did it ruin these Scandanavians day ? Nor way!!

Newsletter June 2015 3

Along came returning guest Peter Scott and his pal John from Norwich, not too far from that otter decimated fishermans graveyard called the Norfolk Broads. Peter is a very well travelled angler and has fished every venue worthy of note throughout Thailand so, whilst in conversation , I casually asked the question for him to name his favourite Thai fishery. Peter rattled off numerous things to take into account including the quality and quantity of bait supplied, the standard of the accomodation, the level of service, the ultimate cost and of course, the main reason why we all come here in the first place …. The fishing….and I’m pleased to report that Peters answer, after weighing everything up was, surprise surprise …Jurassic Mountain and many thanks mate for allowing me to quote you on that. Suffice to say, Jurassic lived up to its star billing by providing Peter and John with around fifteen quality fish between them with the pick of the bunch being a cracking Siamese around the 75 pound mark and one of the two fabulous arapaima that Peter smashed into being well in excess of the 200 and, just to remind himself why Jurassic Mountain was his answer to my question, he booked an extra half days fishing and, surprise surprise, he latched into five more Redtails, one Indian carp, one Siamese Carp over 80 pounds and yet another arapaima around the 120 mark. Good answer Peter, good answer !

Well that didn’t take long did it ? The news of German angler Tommy’s Blitzkreig battle with that beast of a Siamese carp hit The Fatherland sooner than we expected and the first wave of the German invading expeditionary forces was spearheaded by Gerhart from Stuttgart who dug himself in on the swim now named ‘The Deck Chair’ and waited for the action to begin. He didn’t have to wait long. Before you could say ‘ Jumping Jackboots’ the first two casts produced two Redtails and a further ‘nein’ fish followed which prompted Herr Gerhart to quote ‘ Oh mein Gott , ich komme weider ‘ which as you all very well know translates into ‘ This place is the nuts’ or, more eloquently ‘ Oh my God, I’ll be back’. Thanks Gerhart, We bet you will mein fruend.

Revenge is sweet as the old saying goes and for ten minutes or so, for me it was. But sadly it wasn’t to last because after I resumed battle with good friend Dave Brewster I had my nose in front with a decent Siamese carp around the 45 pound mark but then Dave took centre stage again and took over where he left off last time with a fine Siamese around 60 pound and then the jammy old bugger was lucky to leave the resort alive when he really rubbed my nose in it with a cracking arapaima in excess of the 200. God knows what he’s been treading in lately but well done indeed Dave.

Next up for a day session was Danny Deadman with wife Ann arrived from that beautiful coastal resort on The Costa Del Essex called Southend on Sea and set himself up on The Point. A few lost fish to start with including one huge carp that made us suspect that the Grim Reaper might be back to his tormenting ways didn’t put the dampeners on his visit unlike the damp weather he often endures in his French carp fishing forays and a couple of very decent Siamese carp with sadly a lost arapaima at the death just as yours truly was congratulating him for hooking into one of our monsters sent our Essex boy home with fond memories of Jurassic Mountain and we hope with a resolve to return here again someday.

‘How’s it going me ol China’ is a phrase I used a lot around my South East London haunts and one which I was more than pleased to extend to returning guest Kenny who I wrongly assumed was of Chinese origin when he asked whether the ‘Glim Leaper’ had yet been landed. Kenny, although spending large chunks of his life in Hong Kong is actually from Singapore. Luckily for yours truly, Singaporean Kenny took no offence which was quite handy for me as my younger days are far behind me and I now couldn’t karate chop my way out of the proverbial paper bag. Kenny landed two Amazon Redtails, two Asian Reds and a decent Siamese to round off another satisfactory visit to Jurassic and we look forward to welcoming him back when he returns yet again in December.

Jurassic was pleased to welcome back yet another returning guest in the shape of Josh, a paramedic from Minnesota who brought along ‘first time in Asia’ Charlotte for the ride. (No pun intended) Once Josh, who hadn’t been back here for over two years had recovered from the shock of the completed vision of the resort which prompted Charlotte to quote that ‘ You’ve just got to see this place to believe it ‘, Josh got down to serious angling and landed an unbelievable forty one fish during his three day visit with the pick of the bunch being a cracking 80 odd pound Siamese and an arapaima in excess of the hundred.

In came Chris and his family, staunch Manchester United fans from Manchester would you believe ? So there ARE some folk who support this club who are actually from the place! Chris enjoyed a total of 8 days sport landing fifty plus fish including a very decent Siamese and a Redtail with sadly a lost Siamese well over the 100 mark that ran rings round him leaving Chris well beat and thoroughly dejected, very much like the away teams at Old Trafford seem to be doing to United these days.

Newsletter June 2015 4

The end of June saw an avalanche of anglers descend onto Jurassic which filled the resort to its capacity for over a week. Having weeks at a time fully booked even in the low season I thinks it’s fair to say you really must book early now if you intend visiting us from October onwards. If you just turn up to fish, you may end up being disappointed, as will we if we can cannot cater for your visit, so please if your planning a trip firm it up with us sooner rather than later. Unfortunately along with 10 anglers a day on the lake came several days of wet dull weather as well but Jurassic still managed to produce good results. One particular day saw eight Americans from four different U.S. States fishing at the same time, so thank you Scott, Milton, Ray, Anita, Josh and Denis! Peter and all the others for your time here at Jurassic, maybe it was just a coincidence or perhaps the Jurassic Mountain trumpet has been blowing loud enough to arouse attention across the pond. I’d prefer to think the latter applies so foregoing their Hamburgers and Waffles to sample the far healthier cuisine of Thailand, they descended upon us in force to show us Limeys how the Yanks do it. After a fine healthy breakfast consisting of Chicken Pad Thai smothered with the obligatory Maple syrup they managed to land some fine specimen fish between them with the pick of the bunch being Scott’s Siamese, well in excess of 75 pounds.

On behalf of Jurassic, I’d like to extend our sincere apologies to those anglers that we had to sadly turn away on several days at the end of June due to being full to capacity, even we was surprised as June is traditionally low season. Of course its disappointing and you could even argue that it’s not good business sense to have to decline bookings on this basis but our philosophy here at Jurassic is that we’d rather have ten anglers a day on 17 swims with up to 50 meters between them than twenty disgruntled ones who would all be basically fighting against each other to land the quality fish that Jurassic Mountain has to offer. I firmly believe that the amount of returning guests here confirms that our ten man limit is of great benefit to you and we hope that you understand that we believe that fishing is not about standing five metres apart from each other with broomsticks in hand catching fish that spend more time out of the water than under it and, as we don’t open the floodgates with ‘the more the merrier’ attitude that some other fisheries adopt, you are not subjected to the automatically reduced odds of catching the elusive prize that you came here to Thailand for in the first place. May I politely suggest that an earlier booking in the future would ensure that you find yourself sitting in our fishing paradise on your chosen date and hopefully landing the fish of your lifetime.
To book please contact enquiries@wordpress-1242400-4445492.cloudwaysapps.com and for the chance of a free room upgrade mention “newsletter” in your enquiry.

See you on here next month !

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