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Welcome once again to the Jurassic Mountain newsletter that gives you all the news, gossip, catch reports and light hearted anglers antics that relates to this Thailand fishing paradise for the month of September. A big thanks to all the new faces and returning guests who succumbed to the gravitational pull of our ‘extreme fishing gem.’ It was our pleasure indeed to welcome you all to Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park.

September was very hot on most days but the intermittent rain showers that came with it provided some very welcome relief although one such downpour turned into an event of biblical proportions with thunder, lightning and rain that came down like stair rods. This slight dampener didn’t deter Simon from Thetford in Norfolk who not only was he the sole angler to ride the storm and carry on fishing regardless, he landed three fish during the storm too. Apologies are extended to Simon for the gillie no show during this monsoon…… even they ain’t that mad! Anyway, I’m pleased to say that even in these changeable conditions that we endured during September, the fishing results here remained fairly constant with anglers enjoying landing favourable amounts of fish almost on a daily basis, including some real lumps. This seems to have been the format now for the last few months so let’s hope that it continues in this vein now that the holiday season is looming up on the horizon and will very soon be upon us.

You may remember that I informed you all of the passing last month of one of Jurassic’s favourite sons, Bruce Lee Lancaster and that all his close friends will be here next month for their annual trip but this time very sadly, it will be without Bruce.
So, as my retirement here involves writing this newsletter amongst other odds and sods that I find the time to get my teeth into, I decided to nominate myself as the self appointed Jurassic Mountain entertainments manager and where better to kick off my new found status than to organise a night in memory of the great man himself whilst all his pals are here next month. I’ve managed to bribe one of Hua Hin’s best rock bands to perform here on October 12th and I guarantee we will be giving Bruce the send off to beat all send offs. This group has the reputation of bringing the house down wherever they play…….. lets see what they can do with the mountain eh? I’m really looking forward to it because it’s going to be a very special night indeed.
Going forward, we then propose to have entertainment here at Jurassic Mountain on a regular basis so that’s something else here for you all to look forward to.

Just for the record, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions if Jurassic Mountain caters for wives and children or is it solely an anglers paradise? Well, the answer to that question is that the wives and girlfriends are more than happy to be here. In fact once they’ve been once, it’s hard to keep them away! The ladies can lounge around the swimming pool or take advantage of our in house massage and spa services while their men pursue the Jurassic monsters but apart from this, Cha-am and Hua Hin provide beautiful unspoilt beaches, fabulous bars and restaurants and state of the art water parks with numerous other attractions to keep even the most hyper active kids busy. If you require any further information as to what this area of Thailand has to offer, feel free to contact the Jurassic Mountain team for further details. Any number of activities can be arranged from the front desk.

The ongoing improvements carried out in September here at Jurassic included the eagerly awaited twin salas situated on the clubhouse deck which are not only visually pretty awesome, they have also provided the restaurant with an extra 8 dining spaces now bringing the capability of bums on seats to 34 in number, so whenever you book your table for a bit of fine dining by the lake, make sure you request your reservation to be in one of these salas to be named from now on as ‘The Twins’, to compliment all the other named locations around the lake, which now all have their carved teakwood name plates in place, all the way from Bali.

Talking of improvements, I’d like to introduce the latest addition to the resort being a Koi carp pond and water feature that I’ve had constructed outside my new home here at Jurassic. Not only does it complement the house but I’d like to think that it complements the resort as well because it’s already become a very welcome pit stop for anglers walking to and from their swims. If ever you find yourself here at Jurassic Mountain, feel free to pop by and say hello.

Newsletter September 2016 1
Home sweet home.

Before we get onto the nitty gritty of catch reports, I’d like to comment on the 70 pound carp that’s caused such a furore amongst the carp angling fraternity in the UK culminating in alleged death threats which, if true, is nothing short of scandalous. It seems that a lot of people have voiced their displeasure over this ‘foreign’ fish that has smashed the existing record and I just wonder if the people who are screaming the loudest are the same people who are only too willing to jump across the channel in the hope of catching one of similar size. I can understand that there are traditionalists who believe that a foreign fish introduced should not be a candidate for the record but times have changed now and it wont be long before this ‘record’ is broken again and again. Besides at some time in the past (900 years in the past) ALL carp were introduced. Not only into England, but Europe too. Why are people so quick to forget the origins of this species? Personally, the record is of no consequence to me just as long as the angler involved enjoys the moment and returns the fish fit and well to fight another day for the next fortunate angler. That is my view of it and which is why here at Jurassic Mountain, we don’t care whether our fish are deemed as foreign, stocked, imported, manufactured or whatever else anybody wants to class them as……. our motto is that just as long as they’re catch worthy and preferbaly enormous, we’re gonna introduce them into our ever expanding lake simply and solely for the enjoyment of anglers to have a chance to catch the fish of their lifetime irrespective of whether so called records are relevant or not.

Right, let’s now take a light hearted and a very tongue in cheek look at a selection of some of the anglers who graced Jurassic Mountain for the month of September. My apologies are extended to those who visited us and who didn’t get a mention, it’s nothing personal, there’s just far too many of you for me to keep up with. Here goes ….

First up is ‘Mr Dry Sense of Humour’ himself, none other than our returning guest and now good friend from the Midlands, Terry Eustace. Terry has an uncanny way of taking the mickey out of people with his ‘dry as a bone’ humour but he was pretty peeved having been previously described in the newsletter as the Midlands tackle ‘magnet.’ With Terry being one of the Midlands biggest names in the business, this should have actually read as tackle magnate so maybe this was the reason why the other anglers on the lake kept a sharp eye and one hand on their gear every time Terry came into view. Please accept our apologies Terry, it was an oversight and although this time around the laugh was for once unwittingly on you, you can rest assured that there will be no further reference to you being described as a magnet ever again………..

Newsletter September 2016 2
Terry Eustace, the Midlands tackle tycoon displayed his natural animal magnetism by attracting many specimen fish during his visit to Jurassic.
Newsletter September 2016 3

Lyn was here with husband Tom in August and evidently wasn’t too pleased that Tom got his mugshot in the newsletter and she didn’t.. So, in an effort to keep the peace in the Reddall household, here’s our Lyn showing off with a nice redtail. See you next year Lyn and I’ll make sure you get star billing.

The call from Jurassic Mountain is heard from all over the world and this time it was Farnie from South Africa who arrived with his wife for a two day visit. ‘Cancel that, make that three days’ said Farnie after hooking into a couple of Siamese beauties that prompted him to announce that Jurassic Mountain was probably the best fishing he’d had in his entire life and was without doubt well worth the journey from wherever you may be in the world.

Newsletter September 2016 4

Eddy Mounce returned home to Jurassic having fulfilled his desire to fish amongst the lily pads of old England once more and here’s a photo of him with a couple of bream that to be honest, look very similar to what we supply our anglers for the predator fishing. Still, Eddy was more than happy that he was able to fish on this stunning location provided very kindly by Paul Bradley, one of our satisfied customers here. A big thanks is extended to Paul for the gesture which enabled Eddy to fish in a wonderful place where he slipped away into his own private world of fishing

Mark and Stacy of Bird’s tackle in Ipswich decided to spread their wings and fly to Jurassic Mountain as it was to be the venue for a weeks angling during the’ Birds Tackle on tour’ trip. The Birds tackle boys were always up with the lark during their visit here and by the end of the week their haul was fairly impressive with carp and redtails coming to their net on a regular basis but it was Stacy who got in first in the arapaima stakes when he landed the beauty picture below..

Returning guest is Nick who brought the wife back to hopefully show her how to catch an arapaima. On his second days fishing, he did just that with this stunner made Nick the happiest man on the lake and presumably his wife as proud as punch.

Walking around the lake early one morning, I was fortunate enough to witness one of Septembers stunning sunrises that heralded a new day here at Jurassic Mountain. I couldn’t resist taking the photo and sharing it with you such was it’s beauty………..

Newsletter September 2016 5
Stunning or what?

And so he arrived yet again. Martin from Nottingham simply cannot resist the lure of The mountain and was especially pleased when he was handed a brand spanking new tackle set up to begin his second stint here this year. Having cast out his baits, he settled down to await the run …… he didn’t have to wait long. The line screamed off as smooth as silk from his newly acquired reel but unfortunately it was so fierce a take that it bounced the rod off of it’s pod and the whole caboosh barely out of the box disappeared into the murky depths. That was the bad news. The good news was that three swims further down the lake, an Italian guy, Giovanni from Sicily was awaiting his first piece of action and was delighted to strike into his first run of the day. Yep, you’ve guessed it. In came Martins brand new piece of equipment accompanied by a nice Siamese carp weighing around the seventy pound mark. All’s well that ends well then.

I’ve got to tell you this story about Brad and his pal Sam from Bracknell who fished here for a couple of days this month. Brad and Sam were really excited to get amongst the monsters that they’d regularly seen posted on Facebook and I kept my fingers crossed that they would have good results. Although Sam who fished out of swim 6 and then changed to swim 2 caught one or two carp to forty odd pounds with a couple of redtails in between, I could sense the despondency and disappointment that they felt at not having caught the double armful that they so wanted, especially from Brad the more serious angler of the two who was fishing out of swim number 7, The Giant Fan and who had only a few redtails to 45 pounds to show for his days efforts. Switching swims after lunch to ‘Lazy Man’s and ‘Jamboree’ gave them slightly more action but it didn’t compensate them knowing that the big boys had eluded them.

Sods law ensued when the next day after Brad and Sam had departed, Granville from Yorkshire arrived and parked himself up in The Giant Fan and Graham from Aylesbury went into number 6 ‘The Point’. What followed was pretty amazing considering the limited action that Sam and Brad had encountered from these swims the previous day. Granville had the day of his life catching Siamese carp at 50, 70, 90 and an absolute monster around the 190 pound mark with twice as many redtails sandwiched in between whilst Graham, fishing out of swim 6 was pretty pleased too as he landed 14 fish with half a dozen of them being Siamese carp ranging from 50 up to around 80 pounds.

The moral of this story is that if your budget or time frame allows you to spend just one extra day here at Jurassic Mountain, you may depart with a completely different perspective of the place as the chances of fulfilling your dream and ultimately catching the fish of your lifetime are greatly enhanced as the difference in these results prove. They highlight the contrast in outcomes that one can encounter from one day to the next but nevertheless, our congratulations are extended to Granville who had the best one days fishing that he’s had or is ever likely to have in his entire life.

The last time Phil, an expat based near Pattaya fished at Jurassic Mountain was 15 months ago when he arrived here accompanied by his wife. Evidently, Phil caught a couple of arapaima during that visit but for some reason it seems that, much to Phil’s disappointment, he didn’t get a mention in that months newsletter. Tragically and very sadly, Phil’s wife passed away a couple of weeks after their visit so it seemed the logical and natural thing for Phil to do was to return once again to re-live those happy moments that he shared here with his wife 15 months ago. So Phil arrived and I caught up with him as he was sitting in the swim that was bringing back so many happy memories for him. He explained that he was now suffering with gout and that he’d given up drinking like a fish and was now concentrating on landing them instead. Good choice that is Phil, it’s far more safer and healthier to fish than drink and you’ve also got the added bonus of not having to wake up in the morning with a strange fish in bed with you.
Anyway, Phil was simply just happy to be here and although his day wasn’t the most prolific in Jurassic Mountain history, he still bagged half a dozen fish with the biggest being a Siamese carp at just over 50 pounds but I promised to give him a plug in this months newsletter even if he’d caught bugger all. Here’s Phil with one of the carp that he managed to land that I hope will compensate for his omission last time around.

Newsletter September 2016 6
Expat Phil gets his name and photo in the Jurassic newsletter at long last. Good to see you back here Phil.

Our final anglers report goes once again to our old friend Martin from Nottingham who not only bagged the number one suite on the resort which is so close to the lake you could actually roll out of bed and fall in it, he also bagged a massive Siamese carp knocking on for 180 pounds that gave the ol’ fella a right good hiding for just over an hour. Happily, Martin’s suite was near enough to his swim so that although somewhat battered and bruised, he was seen staggering towards his bed for his recuperation but sporting a smile that he wore for the duration of his stay until finally departing for dear ol’ blighty. Congratulations ol’ fella, trust you’ll recover soon and see you again next time.

So as September finally slipped away into Jurassic Mountain history, I looked forward to next month and all the new arrivals and old faces that it will inevitably bring.
I hope this newsletter tempts you to sample the delights that Jurassic Mountain has to offer and hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of your company in the future where you will have the opportunity to realise your dreams and maybe just catch the fish of your lifetime. However, in the event that the fishing gods decree that the monster fish lurking in the murky depths elude you on the day, at least you’ll return home safe in the knowledge that you’ve just fished in the place closest resembling paradise on Earth for anglers that you will find anywhere.

Tight lines all, see you on here next month.

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